Hogwarts is Frozen {continued}

If you want to keep reading "Hogwarts is Frozen" I'm continuing it on this account it's the same storyline just from another account.


3. Chapter 17: Going Home

Elsa's P.O.V

Today is the day we have to go home. At least I'm going to the Weasley's so I can be with Ginny and everyone else. At the train station Ron came bounding up to me. "Elsa." He said. "Yeah." I answered. "Your going back to Arendelle for the summer." "So I'm not coming back to yours." I said dumbstruck. "No. Sorry." He said.

On the train I sat alone. "When Ron came and asked if I wanted to join them I said no. I actually wanted to be alone. For all those years I've wished that I could have someone to be friends with but now I want to be alone. I didn't want people to just be there when I needed them. Because they weren't the people I wanted. I wanted the person I could count on most. Anna.

Harry came and slipped into the carriage I was in and sat opposite me. "You know." He said, "It's going to be good for you. Going home. You can see your parents and your sister." "I don't see my sister." I said. "Well maybe you could see her. And be friends like you were. You can be like that again." He said. At that moment I saw when I struck her when she was little. I got up and left in an instant. I couldn't stay there any longer. I couldn't stay there alone with him. As I passed Ron's carriage he got up and tried to stop me walking to ask me whats wrong but I just pushed his hand away. I went into the train bathroom, sat down on the floor and just burst into tears. I would stay there all journey if I could. I couldn't face anyone anymore. I couldn't be around people. If anyone knew what this was like and how it felt I would be so grateful but they don't. Nobody knows what this is like. Nobody knows how this feels.


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