Hogwarts is Frozen {continued}

If you want to keep reading "Hogwarts is Frozen" I'm continuing it on this account it's the same storyline just from another account.


2. Chapter 16: Back To Reality

Elsa's P.O.V

I woke up slowly. I didn't recognise where I was at first but then I saw that was in the Hospital Wing, lying next to Harry. "Harry." I said, "Are you awake?" "Yeah." He replied. "Harry what did you actually see in the mirror?" I asked him. "I saw myself holding the stone. What did you see." I couldn't tell him that I saw my sister, dead because of me. "Harry." I said. "Yeah."He answered. "I just think it'd be better to um." How could I say this : I think we should break up because I saw a vision of my sister dead so it'd be better if you didn't even know I existed anymore! "I think it'd be. Let's say safer for us to stick with being just er friends. I mean. Being us two is just to dangerous and it'd be better to leave it at friends for now. Yeah." That was it. I did it, "When we were down there I thought about how much I'd have risk of losing you." "So you mean that friends are for the better." He said. "Yeah. For the better." 

Back in the Great Hall Hermione and Ron were so happy to see us. Dumbledore was about to announce that Slytherin had one the house cup when he said: "Actually I think some last minute points are needed. To Ronald Weasley. For the greatest playing of Wizard Chess that Hogwarts has ever seen. 50 points. To Hermione Granger. For helping others even when she was in need.50 points Harry Potter. For exceeding bravevery.50 points. And you know it's hard to make decisions to keep others safe even when you have your have yourself to keep in mind to. And that's why I am awarding 150 points to Princess Elsa of Arendelle.

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