Hogwarts is Frozen {continued}

If you want to keep reading "Hogwarts is Frozen" I'm continuing it on this account it's the same storyline just from another account.


1. Chapter 15: {I think} The Philosepher's Stone

Elsa's P.O.V

Hermione wasn't in the dorm tonight. Perhaps she'd gone to the library to do some studying. Maybe she'd gone to get some water or something. "Ron be quiet." A voice said quietly from the common room. "Alright 'Mione." Another voice said. "Will you two shut up!" A third voice said. I went downstairs and found Harry, Ron and Hermione slipping out of the common room. I followed them to a big wooden door on the third floor corridor. Inside a big three headed dog sat, sleeping with one paw on top of a trapdoor. Oh no. I fell into a suit of armor and made a noise! "Who's there?" Harry said spinning around and seeing me. "Elsa!" Ron said "Hi guys." I said waving sheepishly.

Harry's P.O.V

I can't believe that Elsa followed us here. I mean what does she think she's doing! We're going somewhere that we could die in and she wants to come! "What are you doing here?" I asked her. "I was bored and I heard them two arguing again." She told me. "Guys." Ron said with an edge of terror in his voice. Fluffy was waking up.

"Elsa do something!" Hermione shouted, "Your good with animals. Aren't you?" Elsa did what was obiviously the first thing that came to her mind. Built a snowman. Fluffy was instantly distracted. We leapt through the trap door and slammed it behind us.

Elsa's P.O.V

We landed in this black leathery stuff that started wravelling itself around us locking us to where we were. Hermione sat still whereas me Ron and Harry were fidgeting around and the black stuff was wrapping itself around us faster than Hermione. "Stay still!" She said, "This is Devil's Snare." I stopped fidgeting straight away, Ron and Harry were writhing around still. "Stop moving and it'll stop trying to kill you." I said, "If you move it'll take notice of you." Harry stopped moving and Ron kept wriggling about. Hermione sank through the Devil's Snare and so did I.

Harry came through but Ron was still up there. "Ron stop moving!" I yelled, "If you stop moving you'll come through!" Ron came down and landed on top of Harry.

"Sorry mate." He said

"It's alright." Harry said

We went through a big door to a room with a broom and a load of flying keys we tryed to encourage Harry to get on the broom but he wouldn't. He said it was "to easy a challenge" eventually he got on and caught the right key. The next room looked like a graveyard but it was a giant game of Wizard Chess. We did well until the last Queen took down Ron on a horse {as weird as it sounds it actually happened} and he was injured. Hermione said that she would stay behind and look after him. I went with Harry to the final room.

Inside was Proffessor Quirrell, our D.A.D.A teacher. He was looking at a mirror- A very large one. He spun around and looked at us. "What do you see!" He snapped, "Tell me. What do you see in the mirror." What I saw was nothing I would forget. I was older and Anna stood before me, frozen to solid ice. I looked away and back again but all I saw was the horrifying image of the future. "I see..." What could I say. He could do anything to the person I loved most if I told him. "I see. Myself and I'm Quidittch Captain." Harry said "He lies." A voice said in a quiet whisper-like way, "He lies for the girl. Let me show myself to them." "But master you are not strong enough to show yourself." Quirrell said to the voice. "Let me show myself!" The voice shouted. Slowly Quirrell began to unwrap the purple turban on his head. He turned around. The face of a person was on the back of his head. "Harry Potter. We meet again." "Harry who is that?" I asked him. "Lord Voldemort the most powerful wizard on earth!" Quirrell said. He took out his wand and threw a blast of orange light at me. I felt nothing after that.

Harry's P.O.V

"What have you done?" I asked, kneeling beside her. "I've killed her. Melted her soul." Quirrell said. I felt so angry at him for killing the one person that's ever felt like family to me.


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