Last Christmas //l.h//



1. Interduction- ❤️

I sat on the couch, my warm eyes facing the lit fireplace as I held a mug of hot chocolate in my hands. The smell from the fire warmed the small house,Making It feel like Christmas. A small smile escaped my glossed lips as My mother walked out of the kitchen. "Honey, Hows The Hot Chocolate?" She asked, Drying her hands in a dish towel. "Devine" I said, Turning my head to face her. "Any word from Luke?" She asked, Her smile fading as a frown escaped her small glossed lips."Nope." I sighed, Locking my eyes on the Christmas tree. "Honey. If you're so worried about him then call him" She said, Her dark eyes sparkle as she stared at me in the dim lighting. "He's always busy Mum. I tried calling him already" I said, sparking tears ran down my pink cheeks. Mother walked over to where I was sitting on the large couch and held me close to her chest. "You'll be okay darling,I'm sure he'll turn up soon" QShe said, Gently pressing her glossy lips on my forehead.

My Father came home right after Mother unwrapped her arms around me, A smile pressed on her chapped lips. "How's my two favorite girls?" He asked, Holding out his large arms waiting for my mother and I to hug him. My little sister and brothers came out of their rooms and ran into father's arms.I sighed as I watched Mother walk back into the kitchen, grabbing her dish towel off the granite countertops. My phone vibrated, startling me a little. I picked it up and read the text;

"Come outside. :) xx"

I smiled and dragged myself off the couch, Grabbing my coat and Uggs, Swinging the door open and running down the front steps onto my front yard. The snow crunched under my boots as I saw a pair of Crystal blue eyes staring at me. '"L-Luke?"' I asked nervously, As Cold tears ran down my freezing cheeks. "Merry Christmas Allie'" He said, Dragging me into a bone crushing hug. I could feel my parents and siblings watching from the window, My mother cracking a smile from her gentle glossed lips, My brothers and sister clapping and My father wide eyed, but I'm pretty sure he smiled.

"I thought you weren't coming back till tomorrow " I said, grasping Luke's icey hands in mine. "Last two shows got cancelled so I came home to see you." He said, leaning towards me as his soft lips hit mine. I could hear the front door open and my parents and siblings clapping loudly.Once it felt like forever, we pulled away and Luke smiled. "Lovebirds, Come inside and warmup " Father said, Making me blush red and Luke laughed lightly. Luke grabbed my hand as we walked toward the front door, smiling widely.

Once We got inside, We all sat in the living room, sipping on hot chocolate and talking about Luke's tour. "Allie?" He asked, looking deep into my creamy brown eyes. "Yeah?" I replied, my heart pounding with nervousness." I have to leave again. I'm sorry.." He said, Hugging me in a bone crushing hug again. Tears slipped down my rosy cheeks as I could hear my mother letting out a gentle sob. "H-How Long?" I asked, Looking into Luke's deep blue eyes as tears still fell down my cheeks. "6-6 months" He said, Slipping out of my grasp and placing his mug on the coffee table. "L-Luke! Please don't go!" I cried, jumping off the couch and following him to the door. "Allie I have to go, I'm truly sorry babe but its all I can do" He said, putting on his big coat and his boots placing his sweaty palms on the doorknob and stopped to face me. "Allie. I love you so much,okay? I'll try to call you every day." He said,A tear slipping down his chubby cheeks."G-Goodbye Allie" He said, opening the door and slamming it behind him.

And that's the last time I saw Lucas Robert Hemmings.

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