Crashing Hard

This story actually happened to me recently. It was the best week of my life and so I thought I would write it down. Most of the names in the story have been changed. This story does include mature content like drug use and sex.

I don't have good luck with guys, I've never really had a serious relationship. The only real relationship I had was with my friend who we called "General". General was a good friend, most of the time, but he's the reason I met Dani. Dani and I didn't really know each other but it only took one night for me to fall in love with him. And I fell hard.

*Please don't hate me at the end of the story. I do use drugs in this story and I don't need people telling me its wrong. So please don't hate.


4. Saturday- tipsy

I woke up to the sound of Kayla and Aaron in the other room. It was barely light outside and the room was cold. I looked next to me and saw Dani still sounds sleep. His light brown hair covered his face. And he had also hogged all the blankets. I grabbed part of the blanket and pulled hoping that he would give me some. And he did. I snuggled back up to him and wrapped the blanket around me and went back to sleep.

Probably an hour later I woke again. Kayla and Aaron had walked into the room.

"Do you really think their still asleep?" I heard Kayla ask.

"Yea, we should wake them up," Aaron said. I heard something move in Aidan's bed and then Kayla whispering something to him. I heard Aidan moan.

"Get the fuck off me," he growled.

"Should we wake them up?" Aaron asked.

"They look so cute sleeping there," Kayla said but then all of a sudden the blankets were gone from me again. I rolled over and saw Kayla leaning over us with all of the blankets on the ground. "Good morning," she said.

Dani moaned a bit and tried to grab the blankets back from Kayla but she threw them across the room.

"Nope, you need to get up. It's like 10:30," she said. Dani rolled over so he was facing me.

"Good morning," I smiled at him and kissed his arm. He pushed some hair out of my face and smiled.

"I could wake up to this scene everyday," he said. I smiled and leaned into kiss him.

"Ugh you guys are gross," Aidan said as he sat up. He then stood up and quickly got dressed. "I'm going out with my mom," he said and walked up the stairs.

"And I'm going to a meeting at the paintball field," Aaron said. "My dad wants to make sure everything is ready for opening next week. And then I'm meeting with the fire department to make sure everything is up to code," he said as he grabbed his keys and dreadknot. "Kayla your coming with me right?" he asked.

"Yea, I'm not too sure I want to be around these two lovebirds right now. I think they need some alone time," Kayla laughed and walked up the stairs with Aaron.

"Looks like we are finally alone," I said as I played with Dani's hair. He smiled and closed his eyes. "Aw now come on, you cant go back to bed," I said as I started tickling his sides.

He then jumped up and started tickling me. I screamed and tried to stand up but couldn't. Then he picked me up and walked into Aaron's room and dropped me on the bed. He crawled on top of me and started kissing me.

"Do you want to?" he whispered to me. I nodded. He jumped up and took his boxers off and then removed my shorts and panties. He moved back on top of me but I stopped him.

"Do you have a condom or something?" I asked. "I'm sure you don't want to end up like Aidan," I said. His ex-girlfriend had gotten pregnant from not using protection. Or rather she stopped taking the pill. He nodded and moved to the dresser... (sorry guys I'm not gonna go into details here, it's my sex life and I'm sure you guys can guess what happens here)...

Dani bit my back and growled. He really was a dog. I moaned a bit as he bit harder. Then I could feel something wet running down my back.

"Dani that's enough," I said getting him to stop. "I think my back is bleeding now," I laughed.

"That's how you know you had good sex is if your back or chest has scratches on it," he said as he got off me. He turned to put his boxers back on and I saw all the scratches I had left on his back. I traced the long red lines with my finger. "Damn that felt good," Dani shivered. I laughed and kissed his shoulder. He laid down on the bed and I cuddled up next to him. "So who's better at sex?" Dani asked. "I mean General is one of my best friends, so I need to know who's better," he laughed. I smiled and traced a few scratches on his chest.

"You win by a long shot," I said.

"Good," he said as he kissed my forehead and then stood up. "I'm going to get a shower," he said as he walked into the bathroom.

I sat up and put my shorts back on and leaned against the wall. I turned on the tv and found something to watch. About 10 minutes later the bedroom door opened and Kayla walked in holding a cup of coffee.

"Oh damn I can tell what you guys were doing in here," she laughed.

"Damn it Dani!" Aaron said as he walked into the room and pounded on the bathroom door. "Why is it always my bed?" he asked just as Dani walked out wearing only a towel.

"It's more comfortable," Dani laughed as he found some clothes. "Hey I left a towel in there for you," Dani told me. I stood up and went to get a shower.

I let the hot water wash over me and I just stood there for a few minutes. Then I got out and dried off and walked out. I found my clothes and put them on. My shirt had slits in the back and you could see halfway down my back. I walked up stairs where everyone was outside taking a smoke break. Dani saw me come up and he walked inside.

"I wasn't smoking," he said as he held his hands up. "I know you hate it," he said as he kissed me and then pushed some hair behind me ear. He rubbed his finger along my neck and smiled.

"What?" I asked.

"I gave you a few good hickey's," I laughed. 

"Well I gave you a few good ones too," I said as I poked one of them. Dani smiled. "Here let me make you lunch," he said as he started digging around in the fridge. "Do you like chicken?" he asked.

"I love chicken," I said. Dani took out a bag of chicken and started cooking. We talked and then Dani placed a bowel of chicken in front of me. We ate and then I stood up to put my bowel in the sink. "Hey I need to go back to my place and get some things," I said. "Unless you don't want me staying another night," I said.

"No you can stay as long as you like," Dani said as he placed his bowel in the sink and then kissed me. "I'll go with you back to your place," he said just as Kayla and Aaron walked in.

"Hey guess what?" Kayla asked. "I'm moving in," she squealed as hugged Aaron. "Aaron just convinced me to move in," she said.

"That's great!" Dani said. "Aaron could use a girl around here," he laughed. Aaron flipped him off and walked down the stairs. "Ready?" Dani asked. I nodded.

"I just have to get my keys and stuff," I said as I walked down the stairs and started packing up my things. As I tossed my bag across my shoulder my phone went off. I looked at the screen. It was General. 

"Hey whats up?" I asked.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"Nowhere you should concern yourself with," I laughed.

"Your and Dani's aren't you?" he asked.

"No...ok yes. How did you know that?" I asked. "Your outside aren't you?' I added but he hung up. "General is outside," I told Dani and we walked up the stairs and outside. Behind my car was a black car I hadn't seen before. General got out of the passenger seat and strolled up to us and punched Dani in the arm.

"What the hell?" Dani asked. I grabbed onto Dani's other arm and shot General a death glare.

"Are we Eskimo brothers yet?" General asked.

"Wait what?" I asked.

"Eskimo brother's means that two friends have had sex with the same girl," General said.

"Yes," Dani said. "As of about an hour ago we are Eskimo brothers."

"Yea!" someone yelled from the black car. The window rolled down, I didn't recognize who it was though. "Way to go Dani!" he yelled.

"Well I need to get back to my place," I said as I handed Dani the keys. "Do you want to drive?" I asked. General glared at me.

"Your just going to let him drive?" he asked. "You didn't let me drive your stupid car for a long time."

"Well Dani doesn't annoy me like you do," I said. "And I like him more," I added as Dani held my hand. We got into the car and drove away. "Ugh he pisses me off sometime," I said just as my phone when off. It was General. "What?" I asked.

"Hey, I got some green and everyone else is busy tonight. Do you want to go toke?" he asked.

"Stupid question," I laughed. "What time?" I asked.

"It needs to be dark so lets say 8," he said.

"Cool I'll pick you up around 8," I said and hung up. "Looks like your in for a treat tonight," I said. "You get to see me high," I laughed.

"Oh boy," Dani said. "I wish I could join you," he added as we turned onto the freeway.

"Why can't you?" I asked.

"Aaron said he wont hire anyone that smokes weed," he said. "I could easily get away with doing it still but I figured that its not worth loosing my job."

"Good idea," I said. "Wait isn't General also working at the field?" I asked.

"Yea but he can definitely get away with it. He doesn't live with Aaron and plus he's smart enough to know not to smoke the night before work," Dani explained. We pulled up to my apartment and we walked inside.

"Can you pick out something for me to wear for tomorrow?" I asked. "I'm going to change and do my hair and makeup really quick," I said as he walked into my room and I headed towards the bathroom. "And make sure you pick out actual clothes," I yelled from the bathroom. I pulled out my flat iron and plugged it in. Then I quickly did my makeup and then straitened my hair. I walked back into my room and Dani was looking through my clothes looking confused.

"I don't do clothes," he mumbled. "I'm trying to find something you would consider actual clothes," he laughed.

I laughed too and walked over to my closet and pushed him aside. I looked through my shirts and pulled out a grey and white stripped shirt. It was slightly low cut and the bottom of the shirt would barely reach the top of my pants; so I knew Dani would like me wearing it. Then I packed my bag and we drove back to his place. As we were walking in, Kayla, Aaron and Aidan were getting into Aaron's truck.

"Hey guys where are you going?" Dani asked.

"Kayla has a hook up for alcohol tonight, we are going to pick it up," Aidan said.

"You two have fun!" Kayla called from inside the truck.

"Hey, and don't use my bed," Aaron said as he got into the truck.

"And don't use my bed either," Aidan said.

"Well my bed is kinda small, so I guess we'll use the kitchen floor," Dani laughed as they drove off. "We won't really though," he said as we walked inside. Just then his phone rang. "Hey man whats up?" he answered. "Oh yea that would be great. Just text me his number and I'll hit him up," Dani said. "Yea alright man, thanks. Deuces," he said as he hung up the phone.

"What was that about?" I asked as we walked downstairs. I grabbed a Monster from the fridge and popped it open.

"I wouldn't do that," Dani smiled at me and grabbed the drink from me.

"Why?" I asked.

"A friend of a friend might be able to hook us up with some acid for tonight. You probably don't want to get super hyped off caffeine on your first time doing it. Cause you'll be trippin," he laughed. He texted someone and he got an immediate response back. "Hey can I borrow your car?" he asked as he looked up.

"As long as I can come with you," I said. "Where we going?" I asked.

"This person said he can hook me up. I just need him to text me with the location," Dani said as he picked up his VTR.

"Well as long as were back by 8, I told General I'd pick him up and then we would go toke," I said.

"Yea of coarse," Dani said as we walked out to the car. We got in and sat there for a minute. "He still hasn't texted me,"

"Well then lets just go for a ride or something," I suggested as my phone went off. It was General. "Hey your not bailing out on me are you? I want to go toke," I answered.

"No I'm just bored as fuck right now. What are you and wolf boy doing?" General asked.

"We are going to pick up some acid for tonight," I said.

"Well what's the rest of the basement crew doing?" he asked.

"They all went to pick up some alcohol. Kayla has a hookup," I said.

"Well fuck," General laughed. "You are gonna kill yourself tonight. Weed, acid and alcohol. That's just a bad mix. I wont even do that."

"Cause your too chicken to try acid," Dani yelled.

"Fuck off Dan," General yelled back. "Anyways, where are you guys?" he asked.

"Just driving around town. We still aren't sure where we are meeting this guy," I said.

"Come by and save me," he pleaded.

"And why should I do that," I asked.

"Because you are an amazing friend that loves me," General said.

"You must be desperate if your being nice to me," I laughed.

"But you know its true."

"Maybe. I'll talk to Dani and see if he wants to hang with you too. We'll be by in like 6 minutes," I said as I hung up. "So you could hear us uh?" I asked Dani. He smiled.

"I don't know what your talking about," he laughed. We drove to General's house and he immidatly came running outside.

"I knew you wouldn't leave me here," he said as I opened the door and moved the seat up so he could get in the back. "Are you really going to make the tallest person sit in the back?" he asked.

"Well I don't want to sit back there. So lets let Dani decide," I said as I looked into the car at Dani.

"Well no offense General, but I'd much rather have a fucking hot girl next to me when I'm driving," Dani laughed. General sighed and got into the back. Then I sat down and closed the door.

"Has that guy texted you back?" I asked as Dani pulled out of the driveway.

"Nope, how about we just head back to the house?" Dani suggested.

"Did you bring the stuff?" I asked General.

"Yea, we could just head up the canyon and toke," General said.

"Yea but that's a problem," Dani said as he turned onto the main road. "Aaron would smell the weed on me and I'd get fired," Dani said.

"Then you just tell him Em wanted to smoke so you went but didn't do it," General said.

"I'm not going to lie to my best friend," Dani said.

"How about we just go back to the house, hang out there for awhile and see if this guy texts me. Then you guys can go out and toke later," Dani said.

"Ok," General said. "We'll just tell Aaron we are going on a hike or whatever."

We got back to the house and we all went downstairs. Aidan was laying in his bed talking to his ex-girlfriend. And Kayla and Aaron were in the bedroom watching tv. General sat down on Dani's bed and turned on the tv.

"Fuck off General," Aidan growled. "I'm on the fucking phone." General turned the tv off and looked up at me.

Dani, General and I sat talking for about an hour until General stood up.

"Well Em I say we go hiking now," he said as he held out a hand for me. I waited until Dani stood up and offered to help me up which I accepted.

"Guess I'm going out now," I said as I grabbed my hoodie.

"Come back to me high as fuck," Dani whispered as he grabbed my waist.

"Oh don't worry about that," General butted in. I glared at him and then turned back to Dani and smiled. 

"Be sure to save some alcohol for me," I told him as I kissed him. "I'll be back soon."

General and I walked upstairs and out to my car. I tossed him the keys and we drove off. We headed up the canyon which was like 2 minutes away from Dani's house. We drove up past the lake and parked in a parking lot where no one was. We got out and General pulled out a pill bottle and set it on top of my car, then went to pull out his pipe. But he didn't have it. He patted all of his pockets but still couldn't find it.

"Damn it. I left my pipe at home," General said as he put the pill bottle back in his jacket. "Guess we'll have to go back and get it, or just wait for another day."

"Lets just go back. I don't want to miss out on the alcohol," I laughed as I got back in the car.

"That's not the only thing you want to miss," General laughed as we drove away. He pulled out a cigarette and handed me his lighter. "Light this," he said as he then handed me his cigarette. I messed with the lighter until I got it to work and then lit the cigarette. "Want a hit?" he asked as I handed it to him.

"No," I said as I pulled out my ehookah and took a long drag then blew the smoke out.

"You fell for Dani didn't you?" General asked after a moment of silence. "Well I'm glad you found someone to make you happy," he said. "But it kinda hurts that I've lost one of my fuck buddies," he laughed.

"Oh shut up," I said. "You know before I met Dani, I really liked you. And now your just kind of an asshole. I don't know if you've always been like that or maybe you act differently around Dani but you have really been pissing me off," I said. General was silent for awhile then laughed.

"Are you sure your not high right now?" he asked. "Cause you never speak your mind like that,"

"No I'm not high, cause someone forgot the fucking pipe," I said.

"Now who's being the asshole?" he asked as he glanced over at me. "You know maybe it's good you met Dani. I mean I have never seen you this happy before. Unless you were on drugs," he laughed. "But I really am happy for you," he said. We pulled up into his driveway and we both got out of the car. I gave General a hug and then started to get in the car.

"Hey!" I called out before General could go inside. "I'm sorry about getting mad at you earlier. Your one of my best friends and you don't deserve to be talked to like that," I said.

"Well I kinda deserved it," he said. "Hey and no drinking and driving tonight," he said as he pointed his finger at me.

"Hey that only happened once," I defended.

"Not even I am that stupid," he said.

I shrugged and waved goodbye. I pulled out of the driveway and then called Dani to let him know I was on my way back. I drove back quickly, only slowing down when I saw a cop. I was back at Dani's house in 5 minutes. I parked the car and turned to get out but there was a large figure standing right outside my door. I screamed a bit and then the door opened up and Dani peeked in and started laughing.

"Did I scare you?" he laughed. I punched him in the chest.

"You try having someone standing right outside your door when its dark out," I laughed as I got out.

"I'd jump out and kick his ass," Dani laughed.

"Well when your my size it doesn't really work," I said as we started to walk inside.

"Well your size it perfect," he said as he grabbed my hand. I stopped right before we opened the door. 

"How much have you had to drink?" I asked him.

"I'm not drunk," he said.

"Your a bit tipsy then," I said.

"I only had one drink," he laughed as he opened the door. We walked down stairs and Aidan was still on the phone. I walked into the bathroom and as I walked out Dani handed me a cup. "Drink this," he ordered. I took a sip. It tasted like Dr Pepper but it wasn't. It was a bit harder.

"This is good, what's it mixed with?" I asked. Dani walked out and I followed. He handed me a brown bottle and sat down on his bed. "Jack Daniels," I said as I sat next to him and took a drink right from the bottle. "Shit that's disgusting," I said. Dani laughed. I took another sip of the mixed drink.

"That's why you mix drinks," he said as he took a sip from the bottle. He leaned over and opened the fridge and pulled out a large white bottle. "Don't look at the name, just drink," he said. I took a sip. It was good. It tasted like coconuts. I took few more sips and I could feel a warn sensation in my belly. "You like that?" he laughed as he took the bottle from me. "Its Malibu Rum," he said as he took a sip from it.

"Ok, if I'm getting drunk tonight we need pizza," Kayla said as she walked out. Her eyes were a bit dilated.

"I'll drive," i said as I stood up.

"No I'll drive," Kayla said.

"Hun your drunk," I laughed.

"So are you," she said.

"Well I haven't had as much to drink. Plus I've driven drunk before, and I got passed by two cops cause I was actually going the speed limit," I laughed as I walked up the stairs.

"Wait I'm coming with you!" Aidan called from downstairs.

"Then hurry up!" I called.

We got into my car and we drove down to Little Ceaser's. We got the pizza and then went back. I walked downstairs and ran into Dani who was now shirtless and wearing his spirit hood. He kissed me and I laughed a bit.

"That whiskey affecting you?" I laughed as Aidan put the pizza on the bed.

"I don't know what your talking about," he laughed as he grabbed a piece of pizza and tried to stick the whole thing in his mouth. "I've only had a few sips of it." I walked over and grabbed the bottle of rum and took a long sip.

"Well just wait a bit and I'll be as drunk as you are," I said as I grabbed the ends of his spirit hood and pulled him closer. "And I'm horny when I'm drunk," I whispered to him. I took another drink and set it down.

We all sat and drank for awhile until Kayla decided to go sit in the bedroom, so Aaron went with her. I grabbed the bottle of rum and took another sip.

"Hey go easy there," Aidan said as he grabbed the bottle from me. "Your so tiny that you've got to by drunk enough by now." 

I grabbed the bottle from him. "I don't know what your talking about, I'm just a bit tipsy," I said as I took other drink.

Aidan stood up and pulled a belt out from the drawer. he set it out on the floor and pointed to it.

"Lets test that," he said.

Dani jumped up still holding the bottle of whiskey and moved over to what he thought was the line. He walked in almost a straight line but he wasn't actually on the belt. I laughed and fell over. Then I stood up and walked over to the line. I placed one foot in front of the other and almost made it to the other end without messing up until I randomly lost my balance.

"I prove my point," Aidan said as he tried to do the line test and staggered along.

"See I'm not that drunk," I said as I took another drink then grabbed the whiskey. I poured some into a cup and then poured just a little bit of dr pepper in too. I drank that whole cup and then took another drink of whiskey from the bottle. "Fun fact, I had never tried alcohol until like 2 months ago," I laughed. "My roommates boyfriend gave me whiskey mixed with 7-up," I said as I stood up. "Lets dance!" I said as I grabbed Dani's arm and pulled him up.

Dani and I danced around the room for a bit until I got tired. Then we went into the bedroom where Aaron and Kayla were cuddling on the bed. Dani sat down near the edge and I sat down next to him and wrapped my arms around him, then I randomly fell off the bed. I sat there for a minute before I realized what had happened. I looked up and say everyone laughing. Dani was laughing so hard he rolled off the bed and landed on me.

"You two are drunk," Aaron laughed. I started laughing and started tickling Dani's side. He started laughing even harder.

"I'm gonna go to bed," he said after a minute.

He stood up and walked out of the room. I sat on the floor for a minute and then decided I would go to bed too. I walked out and saw Dani had sprawled out on the bed. I crawled into bed but I was pretty much on the floor. I poked his sides to wake him up but he didn't move.

"Dani your taking up the whole bed," I whispered in his ear. "I would like to actually sleep with you instead of on the floor," I laughter. Dani moaned a bit but didn't move. "Hey Aidan come help me move Dani," I said as I sat up and looked at Aidan who was playing COD. He paused the game and looked over at me.

"Why don't you wake him up and move him?" he asked.

"Cause he's like passed out," I laughed. Aidan groaned and stood up. He grabbed Dani's arm and pulled him over so there was room for me on the bed. "Thanks," I said as I snuggled up next to Dani.

"I have to tell you something," Dani whispered as he opened his eyes. "I think I'm in love with you," he said.

I smiled. I never thought I would hear someone say those words to me. I leaned in and kissed him and he kissed back. Then he like passed out again. I laughed a bit and pushed some of his hair out of his face and then went to sleep.



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