Crashing Hard

This story actually happened to me recently. It was the best week of my life and so I thought I would write it down. Most of the names in the story have been changed. This story does include mature content like drug use and sex.

I don't have good luck with guys, I've never really had a serious relationship. The only real relationship I had was with my friend who we called "General". General was a good friend, most of the time, but he's the reason I met Dani. Dani and I didn't really know each other but it only took one night for me to fall in love with him. And I fell hard.

*Please don't hate me at the end of the story. I do use drugs in this story and I don't need people telling me its wrong. So please don't hate.


7. My comments.

I wrote this because I needed closure. I write because it gets my feelings out. And since Dani broke up with me, I have been feeling very depressed and sad. I will be honest; i sat and cried over him for about a week. Then I just sat in my room and felt horrible. I still get sad sometimes. Dani and I are still friends. Kinda. We text occasionally and snapchat. Every time he sends me a snapchat though, I feel sad cause I want to see him in person. We haven't really hung out since we broke up. I bought some juice for my ecig about two weeks after. And we sat and talked about life for about 20 minutes until Aaron called and got mad at him for ditching work. But I felt a little better after seeing him.

I still have hopes that we will get back together but I really don't think that will happen.

Anyways. I know I did some stupid stuff in this. And I will probably delete this story in a few weeks.

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