Crashing Hard

This story actually happened to me recently. It was the best week of my life and so I thought I would write it down. Most of the names in the story have been changed. This story does include mature content like drug use and sex.

I don't have good luck with guys, I've never really had a serious relationship. The only real relationship I had was with my friend who we called "General". General was a good friend, most of the time, but he's the reason I met Dani. Dani and I didn't really know each other but it only took one night for me to fall in love with him. And I fell hard.

*Please don't hate me at the end of the story. I do use drugs in this story and I don't need people telling me its wrong. So please don't hate.


3. Friday- truth or dare

*Warning this chapter contains explicit content*

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday went by so slowly. I just couldn't wait for it to be Friday. And finally Friday had come. I grabbed my backpack and got in my car and drove to school as fast as I could. I knew that in just a few hours I would be able to see Dani again. I parked my car and walked into the school. I sat down in the class. The teacher came in a few minutes later and started teaching. Finally the class was over and I quickly drove back to my apartment and dropped my bag off. Just then my phone went off.

"Hello?" I answered not looking at the ID.

"Hey we are having dinner with your brother at 6, you need to meet us at the restaurant," my mom said. Crap. I had totally forgotten my brother was coming into town. I didn't really like my brother and I didn't really want to go but I knew I couldn't get out of it.

"Ok, I'll be there," I said as I grabbed my ehookah and started to walk out the door.

"So what are you doing right now?" my mom asked. She always liked having long conversations when I didn't want to.

"I'm going to visit Dani at work," I said. "Then we were going to have lunch and go blues dancing tonight," I said.

My friends and I had been going blues dancing for over a year now. It was just this small place in town that would host it every Friday. I had invited Dani to come with me this time because I knew he loved dancing.

"Oh well then if you need to, you can leave dinner early," my mom told me. I guess she remembered that he didn't have a car and I would need to pick him up.

"Thanks. Anyways I have to go, I'm driving now," I told my mom. We said out goodbyes and then I hung up.

It only seemed to take me 10 minutes to get to Dani's work. I was speeding on the freeway but oh well. I pulled up next to Aaron's truck. I texted Dani to let him know I was there but only waited a few seconds after sending it before I decided to just go in. I looked in the front office but he wasn't in there. But I could hear him singing. I headed to the back of the building and looked down the hall and saw him, Aaron, and some girl stacking boxes. Aaron spotted me and I held my finger to my lips and snuck up behind Dani who was using a paintball gun as a microphone and then I jumped on his back. He dropped the gun and spun around.

"I've missed you," I said once he realized it was me. He smiled and then started laughing.

"You scared me," he pouted.

"Good," I teased.

"But I missed you too," he said as he kissed me. "This is my friend Kayla," Dani said as he introduced me to the girl. She waved and then tossed a box to Dani who jumped up on a chair and stacked the box up on a shelve.  "We'll be done in a minute so just take a seat or whatever," Dani said as he continued to stack boxes.

I walked closer to the wall and leaned against it. I watched as Kayla and Dani stacked boxes and Aaron took inventory. After about 5 minutes all the boxes were stack and Dani leaned against the back of the chair so it tipped and he jumped off right before it fell.

"Nailed it!" he yelled as he walked over next to me. He scooted closer so our arms were touching. I smiled up at him and noticed a small red circle on his neck.

"What happened here?" I asked as I ran my finger across the mark.

"Oh, Aaron shot me," Dani said as he pulled up the sleeve of his shirt. "And here," and then pulled up the back of his shirt to reveal another mark. "And right here." I laughed a bit and kissed the mark on his arm and neck.

"Well we're done for the week," Aaron said as he walked away. "Hey Kayla do you want to go to the store with me?" he asked. Kayla looked up from her phone.

"Sure," she said as she followed him. She smiled at Dani and I as she walked by.

"Should we go back to my place?" Dani asked. I nodded and we walked out to my car and we started to drive away.

"So I'm having dinner with my family tonight. So I need to leave your place around 4," I informed him.

"Aw ok," he said. "Are we still going dancing?" he asked.

"Of coarse. I was planning on coming back over after dinner if that's ok with you. And then we could leave around 9 for dancing," I said.

"I like that plan," he said. I pulled up to his house and we got out and walked inside. We heard people talking and we looked into the family room to see a boy and girl laying next to each other on the couch.

The boy had long brown hair and glasses and was tall. And the girl had long black hair and a tattoo on her arm.

"Um hi there," Dani said as he walked over to them.

"Oh hey man," the boy said.

"Who are you?" Dani asked. "I mean I'm totally fine with you being here but I don't know you."

"Oh we are friends with Trixi," the girl said. Trixi was Aaron's sister. "I'm Jodi and this is Mike," the girl said.

"Oh ok, well I'll be downstairs if you need anything," Dani said as we walked downstairs. We walked into Aaron's room and I sat down on the bed and leaned against the wall. Dani smiled at me as he sat down next to me and grabbed my head. "Ive been waiting all week to do this," he smiled as he kissed me.

I wrapped my fingers in his hair and pushed him down on the bed and I crawled on top of him. Kissing every part of his face and neck. This just felt right. I moved my hands down and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and moved it up. Dani sat up a bit and took it off and threw it on the ground. He smiled at me and bit his lip and then pushed me onto the bed so he was on top. Just then I heard Kayla and Aaron walking down the stairs, followed by Jodi and Mike. I placed my hand on Dani's chest to get him to stop.

"I don't care," he seemed to growl and he bit my neck. 

"Aw looks like that bed is taken," Mike said as he walked into the room. Dani stopped kissing me and looked up and then moved off of me. I sat up and grabbed onto his arm.

"Hey do you guys want to go camping tonight?" Aidan asked as he walked downstairs.

"Yea sure," everyone said.

"Is that ok if we go camping instead of dancing?" Dani whispered as he kissed my temple.

"I think camping would be more fun," I smiled.

"Oh it will be," Dani said. "You and me huddled together in a sleeping bag, trying to keep each other warm. You know I heard the best way to help with hypothermia is to strip down so your naked," Dani said as he bite his lip again. Damn that lip bite was so sexy. I smiled and kissed him.

"Well I don't want to get hypothermia," I said. "I mean after all, there is snow up the canyon. I'll need someone to keep me warm." Dani laughed and kissed me again.

"We should see if we can get acid for tonight," Aidan said. Dani rose his hand like he was in elementary school and then spoke.

"I have a guy that could sell us some," he said excitingly. "I'll go call him," he said as he jumped up and grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs and pulled out his phone. He called his guy and hung up slightly sad. He couldn't get any. Just then everyone from downstairs came up and went out onto the balcony to smoke. "Looks like we get the room to ourselves for a few more minutes," Dani said as we walked downstairs.

Dani turned on the tv in Aaron's room and started to play a game. He explained what he was doing to me, but it was like he was speaking another language. I don't do video games. After a little bit everyone came downstairs, all smelling like cigarettes, and they all sat down on the bed.

"Where did Jodi and Mike go?" I asked.

"They went home, but they'll be back tonight for camping," Kayla said.

The boys started playing a video game as Kayla and I sat there on the floor watching. After a bit I looked at my phone and realized I needed to start heading back to my apartment. I stood up and Dani paused the game.

"Your leaving already?" he asked as he stood up. 

"Yea but I'll be back tonight," I said.

"Ok, well let me walk you out," he said as we went upstairs. We walked outside to my car and I unlocked the door. I turned to face Dani and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I don't want to go," I said. "I like you way more than my family," I laughed.

"Well just think of it this way; the sooner you leave the sooner you can come back to me," he said as he kissed my forehead. "Now get out of here so I can see you sooner. And don't forget to bring warm clothes for tonight," he smiled at me. I kissed him goodbye and then drove off.

I went back to my apartment and grabbed a backpack and threw in some warm clothes and my blue fluffy blanket. I called it my cuddle blanket. Then I quickly changed clothes, into something warm but also cute. I wore a long sleeve black shirt that fit tightly and some jeans. Next I grabbed some drinks from my fridge; a few sodas and Monster. Then I went back out to my car and threw the bag and blanket into the passenger seat and drove to the restaurant. I was met by my cute little nephew who ran up and gave me a hug. "Emily!" he yelled when he saw me. He was adorable, and I had missed him. His parents however I didn't miss.

I made small talk with my brother and his wife until our parents showed up then we went inside to eat. Everyone talked and seemed to forget how big of an asshole my brother was. But I rememebered. I didn't talk I just listened, I didn't want to say anything mean to my brother. But I was thinking some mean things. Just then my phone went off. I looked down and I could feel a huge smile come across my face. It was Dani.

D: Is dinner almost over?? I miss you!!

E: No, the food just got here. I miss you too

D: How's your brother?

E: I still hate him. Its a good thing his son is cute or else I would've left as soon as I got here.

D: Well hurry back :)

I quickly ate and as soon as everyone else was done I left. I gave everyone a hug and thanked my mom and dad for dinner, then I headed strait for my car. I quickly drove back to Dani's house and grabbed my bag and blanket and walked right in. Aaron's little brother was on the couch watching tv. He didn't even care that a complete stranger had just come in. I said hi to Red who greeted me at the door and then I went right downstairs. Aidan was on his bed talking on the phone and Dani was on his bed playing with a snake. When he saw me he jumped up and came right over to me. I stepped back a bit. I wasn't a huge fan of snakes. I wasn't scared of them, I just didn't really like them.

"Where did that come from?" I asked.

"It's Aidan's," he said as he put it back in its cage. "So change of plans, Jodi and Mike have a curfew so we are just staying here tonight," Dani said as we sat down on his bed. "But we can still cuddle," he added.

"Oh good cause I brought my cuddle blanket, so we have to use it," I smiled. Just then Jodi and Mike walked down the stairs holding hands.

"The party has arrived!" Mike shouted. "Now lets play a game," Mike said as he sat down on the ground infront of Dani and I.

"We could play truth or dare," Kayla said as she walked into the room with Aaron right behind her. She sat down next to me and popped her back. "Aw damn that hurt," she said. "Any of you guys good at giving massages?" she asked.

"Me!" Aidan jumped up from his game. "Let me just get some lotion. Lay down on the bed and take your shirt off," he instructed as he ran off to the bathroom to grab some lotion. Kayla did as she was told and took her shirt off to reveal a black lace bra.

"Nice," Dani smirked as he stared. I ticked his side and he flinched away.

"Hey she's mine," Aaron warned as he stood up and walked into his room and came walking out with a pill bottle. "Anyone want some happy pills?" he asked as he poured some large white pills into his hand.

"What are they?" I asked as I picked one up.

"They are his 'happy pills' just take one," Dani said as he grabbed a dr pepper from my bag and took a pill. I did the same.

Kayla laid down on her stomach on the bed and then removed her bra. Dani did a wolf whistle and Aaron gave him the death glare. Aidan walked back in and started giving Kayla a massage.

"Ok I guess I'll start the game," Kayla said. "Aaron truth or dare?"

"Truth," he said.

"Ok, when was your first kiss?" Kayla asked.

"13," Aaron said. "Aidan truth or dare?"

"Dare," Aidan said.

"I dare you to give Kayla a hickey,"

"Wait what?" Kayla asked as she looked up. "Ive never had a hickey so no," she said as she looked back down.

"Fine, then I dare you to take off Jodi's sock with only your teeth," Aaron said. Aidan did the dare and then went back to giving Kayla a massage.

"Kayla truth or dare?" he asked.

"Dare," she said. "Wait no truth," she said quickly.

"Nope you said dare," Aidan said. "I dare you to let me give you a hickey,"

"Ugh fine. Don't put it in a noticeable spot though," she said as she moved her hair from her neck. Aidan got over and placed his mouth on her neck and started to suck. Then stopped to reveal a small purple mark.

"Aw damn it didn't turn out good," he said. Just then Aaron jumped off Aidan's bed and started sucking on Kayla's neck. When he pulled away there was a large purple bruise.

"Hey that's not fair!" Kayla protested.

"Aw come on Aaron, I can do better than that," Dani said as he jumped up and started sucking on her neck.

"Ouch damn it Dani, get off me, you bit me," Kayla said as he squirmed away. When Dani stopped a very large purple bruise was on her back and shoulder. It was probably three inches long. It was big. Dani sat back down next to me and I leaned against him.

"I want one of those," I whispered to him. He smiled.

"Oh I intend to give you one," he whispered.

"Ok, Mike truth or dare?" Kayla asked.

"Truth," Mike said.

"How old were you when you lost your virginity," she asked.

"Well I'm 17 now and I've been dating Jodi since 16, so 16," he said. "She was my first and will be my last," he smiled at Jodi.

"I better be your last," Jodi laughed.

"Ok, um Emily. Truth or dare?" Mike asked me.

"Dare," I said.

"I dare you to kiss Dani's ass," he laughed. I shrugged and turned towards Dani. He pulled down his pants slightly so his bare ass was showing and I kissed it.

"Dani truth or dare?" I asked as Dani pulled his pants back up.

"Truth," he said. Now was my chance to know about anything. What I really wanted to know was why his last girlfriend broke up with him. I mean they lived together for like a year. But I knew that might be a little too personal.

"How long has your longest relationship lasted?" I asked.

"Two years," he said. "Jodi truth or dare?"

"Dare," she said.

"I dare you to sit on Mike's lap for the rest of the game,"

"I'm ok with that," Jodi said as she crawled into Mike's lap and leaned against him. "Aaron truth or dare?" she asked but Aaron didn't respond. He had fallen asleep in Aidan's bed.

"And that would be the happy pills," Aidan said. "Kids, that is what happens when you take too many drugs," he said in a high pitched voice.

"How many did he take?" Kayla asked as she jumped up and quickly grabbed a blanket to cover her.

"Like 3," Dani said trying not to worry her. But Dani and I both knew that he had taken more. At least 8.

"It probably takes 3 to feel the effects cause I'm not feeling shit," I said.

"Are you sure?" Jodi asked as she moved in front of me. "Your pupils are huge," she laughed. Kayla came over to me too and looked. 

"Wow they are," she said. "Are you feeling alright?" she asked.

"Yea, I mean I'm a bit hot but there's a lot of body warmth down here," I said. "Lets just get back to the game," I said.

"Ok ok who's turn was it?" Dani asked. But no one could remember. "I'll go then. Truth or dare Em?" he asked.

"Dare," I said. Dani smiled evilly.

"I dare you to take your shirt and bra off and jumped up and down 30 times," he laughed. I hesitated and then stood up and pulled my shirt off. "Wait I want to un-hook your bra!" Dani said as I turned so he could take my bra off. After that I stood up and jumped up and down and then sat back down next to Dani. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me.

The game went on for another hour or so. But we stopped when Jodi and Mike had to go home. And then Aidan left to see someone. Kayla and Aaron retreated to the other bed room and I stood up.

"We should sleep sometime," I said noticing it was midnight. "Can I use some basketball shorts to sleep in?" I asked Dani as he stood up and went into Aaron's room and the came out with a pair of short shorts and one of his shirts. He handed them too me and I took my pants off to change into the shorts and then put his shirt on. "Why do you have a pair of booty shorts?" I asked him as I laid down on the mattress.

"Because I was a stripper for Halloween," he laughed as he crawled into bed with me. I snuggled up next to him and rubbed his stomach then moved my hand a little further down. There was a bulge under his boxer and I smiled a bit.

"Getting excited?" I asked as I rubbed the growing bulge making Dani squirm a bit.

"Very," he said. I continued to rub and then Dani moved a bit and I looked at him "Have you ever been eaten out before?" he asked me. I shook my head. "Do you want to?" he asked.

"Sure," I said as he sat up and moved to the other end of the bed. I felt him slowly take off my shorts and panties and then he started rubbing. And then he started licking. I couldn't describe what it felt like. It was so amazing. Then he stopped and laid back down on the bed. I pulled my panties and shorts back on and rested my hand on Dani's chest.

"What are you thinking?" he whispered just as Aidan was coming down the stairs. He turned the tv on. It was almost like he didn't realize we were there.

"I want you," I said as I sat up a bit and looked at him. I bit my lip and smiled at him. "I really do," I whispered. Dani smiled.

"Good because I want you too," he said. "Tomorrow morning everyone is gonna be gone, wanna fuck?" he whispered.

I nodded and kissed him. I threw my leg across his body and started kissing him even harder. Then I started sucking on his neck. He moaned slightly and I could feel him digging his nails into my back. Then I moved to another spot on his neck and started sucking. Then Dani rolled over and looked down at me. He bit his lip and then started sucking on my neck. It hurt but I kinda enjoyed it. I tangled my hands in his hair and he moaned. He gave me a few more hickey on my neck and then he started kissing me. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him close. I scratched his back making him moan even more. Eventually we stopped and he rolled off of me so he was now next to me. I rolled over onto my stomach and looked at him.

"I want you so bad," I whispered.

"You already have me," he whispered back.

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