God's princess

My princess,
You are never alone, when you're hurt i'm hurt, and it breaks my heart to watch you cry without me. I'm here with you desiring to be the shoulder your tears fall on. i too walked the world broken my love. We will work through all things together, i can and will heal your broken heart.
I promise that you will see the light of a new day and joy will come again
---- GOD


2. God's love:

WE ALL want the perfect relationship, we desire our significant other to take us to Disney land and kiss us there, we dream of the perfect guy because we're teenagers and all we want is to be loved!

I want you to know that someone out there was created by god JUST FOR YOU, isn't that something to smile and be happy about? God is simply training him, fixing him, polishing him. The reason is for that guy to be able to make you happy, to accept your insecurities, to know exactly what makes you cry, what makes you happy, where you go when you feel alone....

I want you to trust god's timing, maybe he doesn't want you to be heartbroken so he's just going to give you Mr. right once and for all ;)

God says: "you don't have to worry about love, as long as i'm existing, you will be loved".


John 3:16 (go read the whole verse but here is the part that confirm god's love)

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


Now if you don't know the difference between our love and god's, our love is conditional, when someone lets us down or talks behind our back for an example... we might stop loving him. Another example: We often love certain people because they did something nice for us etc..

God on the other hand, loved us even though he knew that we might not love him back! isn't this true? some people are atheists, some people hate Jesus, Some people are religious but they don't have a relationship with god, they don't talk to him at all. STILL he is there for everyone, he loves everybody unconditionally.


I'd like you to know one more thing, God can love you in one second more than anyone can ever love you in a lifetime :)


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