God's princess

My princess,
You are never alone, when you're hurt i'm hurt, and it breaks my heart to watch you cry without me. I'm here with you desiring to be the shoulder your tears fall on. i too walked the world broken my love. We will work through all things together, i can and will heal your broken heart.
I promise that you will see the light of a new day and joy will come again
---- GOD


4. 2015:

Here are my advices for you guys :) I love you!

Make sure to be the best you can be in 2015 with these simple steps :D

1) Cut the lies, life is easier that way.

2) I know you've been let down so many times, the disappointments won't disappear to be honest, life is full of surprises and ups and downs. So if you can't change something that is going on in your life at the moment, change yourself. Alter the way you look at things from negativity to positivity, everything happens for a reason. Just think of that, know that God is preparing you for something much bigger and better!

3) Keep smiling! Smiling is contagious, it makes you ten times more attractive ;)

4) Do more of what makes you happy.

5) More books! Personally, books make me feel that perhaps i'm not completely alone, everybody has a story. When you think that you're the only person going through hard times, trust me, nobody is happy to the fullest!

6) If you self harm, if you have an eating disorder, if you have depression and anxiety:

Turn to God for help, he won't fail you. He is NOT distant, he's right there next to you when you need him. Cry out to him----->

"tears are prayers too, they travel to God when we can't speak" Psalm 56:8


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