Who is he?

this is about a girl named Alyssa, she's 18 years old, she's going in school as everyone else but she just have a much more though life than anyone she knows. She's abused by her stepdad when her mom isn't at home, and she constantly gets hated on in school. She have had like that in almost her whole childhood, her first memory was being hit the first time by her stepdad...
But what happens when she finds a chat site where she meets a cute guy, who helps her to forget about her life for a minute? will she ever be able to meet him?
have she already met him, but without knowing it?


3. new

Justin's P.O.V

I'm about write back when I see her status *Princess18's logged off* so I decide to log off to and just go to bed..


I wake up by my phone's buzzing. I takes it from the night table and sees its a message from Bailey, The first smile today sneaks up on my face as I reads it but it is fast being replaced with a thought of her, Bailey crying.

Princess18"Hey sorry I just logged off yesterday. Maybe you're right the ones who says mean things about, they're jealous but at what no one would ever want my life... My stepdad abuses me let alone I also get pushed around at school! Please don't contact me again, You just feel bad for me" 

I get up and walks into the shower. when I'm done doing,you know what normal people does in shower I put on my clothe and walks downstairs "hi sweetie, did you sleep well?" my mom asks as she kisses my forehead, I take the lipstick that is now on my forehead off and sits down at the table "I guess so.." I say as I start to eat my breakfast "thats good, and if you need anything call your father I need to go the office all day and I'll be home at night so you can take some friends with you home after school, ok?" my mom says as she puts five hundred dollars on the table and kisses my hair "yeah bye mom, I love you" I say as she disappears and I hear her "bye Justin love you most" she always says that and I know what you're thinking Justin Bieber the most popular guy on his school loves his mommy, but seriously if you're thinking that SHUT UP if my friends knew that I say 'I love you mom' to my mom every day they are going to tell the whole school and then I'm just done, my life would be O-V-E-R. 

I find the message from Bailey and just looks at it. I decide that if I can't make her smile by talking to her I'll do the next best.

J165*Hey princess ;-) first of all I don't feel bad for you. And if I could I would come beat up everyone who hurt your feelings, I know you are beautiful <3*

I reads it and sends it afterward.

I look up as I see the school bus pass my house so I get up ad puts my plate in the dishwasher. I walk out of the door, locks it and puts on my leatherjacket as I get onto my scooter and drives to school.


*At school*


I wave at Ryan and Chaz and parks my scooter and walks over to them.

"Heey bro" they both say. 

I would say that they are the only persons who aren't just my friends because of my popularity.

We walk inside the school. And in the minute we comes through the door Cindy and her friends walks over to us. She walks to me and I pushes her up against the lockers and everyone in the halls is around us looking at us as we're making out, kissing. 

Let me explain. She thinks that I like her but I diffently does NOT. but she likes me and says that we are meant to be together just because we're both the most popular people on the entire school.

"See you at class" Cindy says as the snob that she is. 

Me, Ryan and Chaz walks to our lockers but a looser is the way "what do you think you are doing ugly slut?" I say as I high fives Ryan and Chaz she looks down and walks away to her own locker.

I walk behind her "HEY I was FUCKING TALKING TO YOU BITCH!" I spat at her and hits her books out of her grab then leaves her. 

I would normally go high five Ryan by now but I feel like helping her. Whats going on with me today? I've never felt like this, let alone wanna help a looser like her.


Allyssa's P.O.V

I gather my books off the floor after Justin is gone. Then I walk to my locker and puts the books in there and takes my math book instead.

I run to the toilet when I feel some tears on their way down my cheeks but unluckily Cindy and her bitchy friends is there. They turn around and look at my teary face "oh well look the ugly bitch is crying" Cindy says with false pity in her voice "yeah how sad" Melina says.

Melina was once my friend but then Cindy invited her to a party and the next day she was hanging out with Cindy and her bitchy bully friends. 

I walk to the mirror "oh if you wanna be just a little pretty you should probably change everything about you.. Fatty" Cindy says and they walks out leaving me all to myself.

I walks into one of the toilet boxes and sits down as a tear roll down my cheeks. One tear.. Two tears.. three tears .. Four...

I wipe away my tears with my thump and opens up the door and walk out the the sinks and washes my hand so it looks like I have been on the toilet and not crying. 

"Hey whats wrong I heard you where crying?" a girl I've never seen before asks. I puts on a fake smile "nothing I'm ok" I say and walks to the door "after hearing what Cindy and her friends called you I bet that you aren't ok" she says.

I turns around facing her "ok I'm not ok but please don't do anything about it? It will just make it worse" I say. She nods "I'm Mia by the way" she says "I'm Allyssa" I say and we walk out of the toilet together.

We walk to Mia's locker so she can get her books for the next class that began for 10 minute ago "what class do have now?" Mia asks.

"I have math with mrs. Wackily, you?" I say "Me too, we can sit together if you want?" Mia says with a happy voice.

I nod and we walk to class.

Mia knocks at the door and our teacher says 'come in' so we do. 

"Sorry we're late mrs. Wackily" Mia says with a sorry look on her face.

"Its ok Mia and Allyssa" mrs. Wackily says and gives us a sign that mean that we shall sit down.

We sit down by the last table which is at the window "why do you tolerate that Cindy and her friends say all those things to you?" Mia whispers to me " I don't know there is not much I can do about it so I just want to get it over with" I explain.

The thought suddenly hits me. Mia can be friends with Cindy and then Cindy told her to talk to me and make me tell her all of my secrets cause who wants to be my friend on their own will? Nobody.

I takes my phone from my pocket and logs on *Friends* and I got a new message from J165/Justin.

J165*Hey princess ;-) first of all I don't feel bad for you. And if I could I would come beat up everyone who hurt your feelings, I know you are beautiful <3*

I smile by the thought of Justin beating up Justin Bieber, Ryan Butler, Chaz Sommers and my stepdad.

Princess18/me*How do you know I'm beautiful you haven't seen me?" 

I smile again by his words. He think I am beautiful seriously ME? No one thinks I'm beautiful well beside my mom and she doesn't count cause she don't have a choice.

J165*I just know ;-) What class do have now?" 

Princess18/me*Math, you?" 

J165*I'm not at school*

Princess18/me*Why not?*

J165*Cause its much better to skate with my friends*

I smile by the thought of him wearing a helmet while skating on a ramp some place here in Canada.

Princess18/me*You know what else is cool? To get smarter ;-)* 

J165*I already am smarter ;-)*

Princess18/me*Everyone can get smarter than they are ;-)*

J165*Well I bet that I'm smarter than you ;-)*

Princess18/me* haha Never ;-) What school do you go on?"

J165*Northwestern high school in Stratford ;-)* 


Shit he goes on my school. I will just have to make sure that he is not Justin Bieber! But what is the odds that he is? I mean  there is a lot of guys named Justin on this school but only one who is on the same year as me (senior year) and that is Justin Bieber. 

There is Justin Johnson he is on sophomore year and I have never seen him.

And there is Justin Smith he is also on sophomore year, I have seen him once when he helped me pick up my books one time because that Cindy pushed me and I fell.

The last two I know here is Justin Collins and Justin Evans and they are both on junior year Justin Collins is actually pretty cute.

I write the names down.

Justin Collins Junior year.

Justin Smith sophomore year.

Justin Evans junior year. 

Justin Johnson sophomore.

Justin Bieber senior year.

I look at the paper I wrote it on. I just don't want it to be Justin Bieber I don't think it is him cause I have never ever heard him say anything like J165 but I can't delete him from the list yet. I have to get proved that it isn't him actually I'd rather it to be Justin Smith, cause he at least is nice to me.

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