Who is he?

this is about a girl named Alyssa, she's 18 years old, she's going in school as everyone else but she just have a much more though life than anyone she knows. She's abused by her stepdad when her mom isn't at home, and she constantly gets hated on in school. She have had like that in almost her whole childhood, her first memory was being hit the first time by her stepdad...
But what happens when she finds a chat site where she meets a cute guy, who helps her to forget about her life for a minute? will she ever be able to meet him?
have she already met him, but without knowing it?


2. new

(Allyssa's P.O.V

Like every morning my alarm wakes me up, and like every morning I get up cause if I don't I know my stepdad is going to hit me... 

I walk across the floor over to my closet. It doesn't matter what cause they are still gonna find some way to make fun of me, and when I say hey I mean like EVERYONE at the school especially Justin Bieber.

(I'm wearing this)

I park my pickup on the parking lot outside the school. I take a deeb breath "get ready for whatever they have for me today..." I say and gets out of my car and presses the bottom that automatically locks it.

I opens the door and walks inside the school, just looking down knowing everyone is looking at me. Not because I'm popular but because they have to see what I'm wearing and how I look today, so they can make fun of it later.  finds my locker and unlocks it. I finds the books I'm going to use at the first class, witch is english. I look behind my locker and here comes the first comment about how ugly, fat or stupid or slutty I am "Hey Slut I like you hat haha Not!" Cindy shouts after me as she and her friends walks by me. Cindy is the most popular girl on the school and the most popular boy is Justin Bieber, he is known as the heartbreaker but yet every girl on the school wants him and they would pass out if he told them they were 'hot' what a waste of time. Justin and his two best friends Ryan Butler and Chaz Summers "Hey I was thinking how do you get as ugly as you are?" Justin asks I'm not even thinking about answering, knowing that he doesn't care anyway "I FUCKING ASKED YOU SOMETHING BITCH!" Justin spat and pushes me backward hard, so that I falls down on the floor with all my books witch results in that basically EVERYONE who is in the hall is standing around me laughing. I fast gets up taking my books and gets through the crowed around me and Justin, Ryan and Chaz. Why does they do this to me.


I get out of class as the bell rings. I have to hurry before Justin and his stupid friends finds me and they will continue where I ran away. I run to my locker and puts my books, from the last class witch was mate. I hear Justin's annoying laugh, he is talking with Ryan and Chaz at his locker. Justin's locker is about 6 lockers away from mine so I can hear what they says "I'm telling you this girl she's just different from the ones here" Justin says Ryan gets smirk on his face "is she good looking?" he asks "yeah! uh well I haven't seen her i was yesterday on a website" Justin says and he is blushing! Wow thats the guy who have been bullying me for years. "what the fuck are you looking at! you piece of crap go kill yourself!" Justin spats at me as he suddenly stands in front of me. I fast turns around and gets out of the school FAST. 


I look at my phone, its a message from J165 a smile lights up on my face.

J165"Hey had a good day?"

Me"same old.."

I write back and starts to walk home, my stepdad got convinced my mom to that I it'd be 'good' for me to walk 5 mile to and home from school everyday. 

When I finally reaches my house, I walks in and straight upstairs but my stepdad stops me "where do you think you are going young lady?!" he spats at me I guess my mom isn't home "I have homework.." I lie "fine then make them and stay on your room I don't want to look at your ugly face!" he spats and I walk upstair on my room and locks the door. I collapse on my bed and unlocks my phone, a message from J165. 

J165*what does that mean? ;-)"

Me"yeah I come inside the school and gets pushed down on the floor by well everyone at my school.." 

As I wait for his answer, maybe I shouldn't had told him he would just think I'm attention-demanding and then we'll never be friends but maybe thats for the best? Who would ever want to be friends with someone like me? NO ONE! I look at my phone as it lights up its a message from J165 or Justin.

J165"they're just jealous ;-)"

Me"Jealous? at what? My stepdad constantly hits me and I get mentally and physically bullied at school"

J165"Where do you live?" 

Me"in Canada."

J165" really me too ;-) where?"

I deside to just log off and puts on my night clothe and gets in bed to sleep. I know if I go downstairs my stepdad is just going to hit me or kick me and I really don't need any of that right now I'd had enough at school.


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