Who is he?

this is about a girl named Alyssa, she's 18 years old, she's going in school as everyone else but she just have a much more though life than anyone she knows. She's abused by her stepdad when her mom isn't at home, and she constantly gets hated on in school. She have had like that in almost her whole childhood, her first memory was being hit the first time by her stepdad...
But what happens when she finds a chat site where she meets a cute guy, who helps her to forget about her life for a minute? will she ever be able to meet him?
have she already met him, but without knowing it?


5. Justin Bieber, date? or no date?


Allyssa's P.O.V

I wake up by my ringtone, my phones calling. 

I look at it on the white night table next to my bed, secret number? I answer just to hear who it is.

Me"hi its Ally"

Mia/person" Hey Ally, its just me"

Me"oh hey Mia, whats up?"

Mia"Well you asked me if I thought you should keep writing with Justin.."

Me"yes and?" 

I texted her yesterday, to find out her opinion about it.

Mia"and I think you should, cause that way you can get to know him as himself and not as the biggest bully Justin Bieber.. What do say?" 

It is actually pretty smart said, well done Mia!

Me"I say I'll do it, I'm on." 

Mia"great I'll meet you at you place after school?"

I'm about to say yes but then I remember what my stepdad told me, about not taking my friends home.

Me"No, maybe we could meet at your place? Then I could also see where you live??" I say trying not to sound nervous.

Mia"yeah great idea!see you at school, bye"


I look at the display till Mia hangs up, and I put the phone down. 

When I’m ready for school, I start to walk.

I think about Justin, and what Mia told me and just everything… Thats actually gonna be great to come to school, for once I have a friend to talk with. I should actually be happy, everything is going my way rigth now and I’m kind of livivng a normal teenage life.

”Hey slut!” Justin Biebers voice makes me think even more about Justin and everything he have ever said or done to me.







Justin’s P.O.V


”Hey slut!” I yell to that bitch, I think her name is Lyssa or something like that.

I wait for her reaction, that most of the time is; pretending not to care, then go to the toilet and cries like a baby! I mean seriously how old is she, 2 years old? Maybe she should start acting like someone on 18.  But her reaction doesn’t come? She just keep looking into her locker, not even looking back to see who yelled at her.

But I understand, if I was a bitch like her I wouldn’t look at everyone who shouts. I mean there might be many to hate on her.


Me, Ryan and Chaz walks out and over to the juicebar, that is on the other side of the road where the school is.


When we’ve found a tabel, there comes somebody that I’d wish would just get over me! Guess who, its Cindy the second most popular on the school, or as I rather calling her ”the most annoying girl on the school*

”Heeey Justy!” Cindy says as she walks up to me an the guys.  I fakes a smile and does as she expect me to do, witch is kissing her. This is the longest 3 seconds of my life!


When we’ve gotten out of the whole ”Cindy situation” we sit down at a table, Chaz walks up to order three juices for us.


”So Bieber, who is the girl you’ve been all over this week?” Ryan asks.  I laugh, as if it was just all a joke, but the truth is; I think that I am actually starting to fall for Bailey.  ”Eh man, have you ever seen the Biebs fall for a girl?” I say just laughing sacastically.

Ryan looks at me with a serious look,  ”I’m not falling for that sh*t, I know you man” as he says that Chaz comes with our juices.


”So Biebs, whats goin’ on with dat girl you’re textin’?” Chaz says as he sit down.  Waow they really wanna know whats going on in my life, huh? Well if thats all then I’ll tell my best mates about it, only because I REALLY want to tell someone about her and also because I trust them.


Then I go on, telling them about Bailey and how understanding and lovely, she is to talk with.


”Waow man, you are really falling for a girl?!” Ryan says, he sounds shocked and happy on the same time. 


”Bro, you found bitch that sounds, from what you tells, is really loveable” Chaz calling Bailey a bitch, it is not ok! I mean Bailey is the most caring and sweet person I’ve ever known, she’s not a bitch.


”Chaz, she is not a bitch OK?” I say quistioning, with a harsh sound in my voice. Chaz nods understanding, with that smirk he always haves on his face, its kinda been his thing since as long as I remember; Chaz the one with the cute/badass smirk.



I walk inside, and of coures my mom isn’t home. But its understandable, she have to work so we are not getting kicked out of the ranted house we live in.


Actually my dad asked to help her by giving us some money, even though he don’t have alot of money himself, but mom wouldn’t let him cause she said she didn’t wanted to pay a rent to him to.  


I take of my shoes and throws my jacket on the floor, then I walk into the kitchen and lays the 500 dollars my mom gave me yesterday on the table, I write a note for her.


*Thanks, but I don’t need them all I need is you, dad, grandma and grandpa I love you mom <3*


I leave the note and the money in the kitchen and walks into the little living room we have, I throws myself on the old but comfortabel couch, and turns on the T.V YES, Smallville is on! That if haven’t already guessed it, my absolut favorite show ever.


I feel my phone buz, in my pocket. So I look at it *smiles* its a message from Bailey.


Princess18 ”Hey Justin, whats up?”


I can just imagine, her voice asking me that… Ok weell maybe I can’t, but I’m sure her voice sounds just as beautiful as I know she looks.





I look back at the door, its a girl and she looks in.  I get up and opens, only to see the bitch herself, Lyssa.


”Before you say anything, then I would like you to say how you feel about that girl you’re messsaging, her name is Bailey right?” she ask.

How in hell does she know about Bailey? Now she not just a slut, no she’s also a stalker.  ”How does you know about her, bitch?” I ask with a smirk on my lips, I don’t know why its just a thing I do.


”Because I know her better than you’ll ever get to!” Lyssa spats and then just leaves. She stops, then walks back to me ”By the way, my name is Allyssa Anne Carlson! YOU FUCKING IDIOT!” Allyssa yells right into my head. I’m impressed, I’ve never heard that girl say a word and now she’s standing infront of me, yelling into my head.

I watch her, as she walks up the little hill, she sit down in the grass and as I can see its her phone she just pulled up.

5 minutes after, I get a message from Bailey…


Princess18 ”Hi J165, I think you sounded as a great guy... But then I began thinking about what you’d do to me, and what you have been doing to me from the moment I walked into the school.. I’m sorry, but I will have to ask you to never contact me again. Figure out why yourself! P.S I am where the grass is green, come find me if you want to know who I am.”


I just stare at my phone, not knowing what to do or say.  Its her, its Allyssa, who just stod outside my door yelling at me.

I get why she don’t want me to contact her, from everything I’ve ever done and said to her I understand it all.

But the thing is I’m in love with her, that girl I’ve always been bullying, I am now in love with her.

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