Who is he?

this is about a girl named Alyssa, she's 18 years old, she's going in school as everyone else but she just have a much more though life than anyone she knows. She's abused by her stepdad when her mom isn't at home, and she constantly gets hated on in school. She have had like that in almost her whole childhood, her first memory was being hit the first time by her stepdad...
But what happens when she finds a chat site where she meets a cute guy, who helps her to forget about her life for a minute? will she ever be able to meet him?
have she already met him, but without knowing it?


6. Its about courage...

Allyssa’s P.O.V


It took me alot if courage to walk up to Justins house, and tell him that the girl he have been texting with. So as the loser I am, I wrote it to him.


Now I just sit on the grass, on the hill a two houses away from Justins.


”Hi, can I sit here?” a calm and nice voice asks, I look up to see that it’s Justin. ”yeah, just sit…” I say quietly.


There we sit, on a hill in, the grass just me and the guy I’ve been texting with for weeks now, and also my biggest bully. None of us dares to open our mouths, we just sit looking at the blue open heaven.


My phone buzzes in on my lap, it Justin? Why is he texting me when he sits just right beside me?


J165 ”Hey  I’m sorry, for everything.”



I look at him, ”what?” I asks. He look at me too not just at me, but into my eyes.


”I don’t know why I would ever wanna be so mean to you, I guess the popularity just got to my head.. can you ever forgive me, Allyssa?” He says, ”cause I fell for Bailey witch is you, so you can take it as that I’m falling for you…” he adds.

I shakes my head, gets up and walks away.


Justin gets up and runs to me, and stands in front of her. ”Whats wrong? Did I say something wrong?”  he asks.

”Yes, everyday in school you say something wrong and rude! It was a mistake to come, I’m sorry.. Bye Justin, it was nice knowing the real you but once a bully, always a bully” I say and walks off, and home.



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