Who is he?

this is about a girl named Alyssa, she's 18 years old, she's going in school as everyone else but she just have a much more though life than anyone she knows. She's abused by her stepdad when her mom isn't at home, and she constantly gets hated on in school. She have had like that in almost her whole childhood, her first memory was being hit the first time by her stepdad...
But what happens when she finds a chat site where she meets a cute guy, who helps her to forget about her life for a minute? will she ever be able to meet him?
have she already met him, but without knowing it?


4. Ignoring him.

Allyssa's P.O.V


I walk to the cafeteria, with Mia by my side. She is actually really sweet, maybe she isn't friends with Cindy and she doesn't seem like she wants to talk to her at all.

We sit down at a table right next to Justin Bieber and his friends table, I just hope he does not see me. "Hey have you heard that Justin wasn't at class today?" I hear Cindy say as she and her friends walks by us.

What Justin weren't at class?! Just like J165. Maybe it's just a case that they weren't both at class.

I finds my phone and logs on 'Friends' and texts Justin. I have to find out if it is Justin Bieber or not and I know exactly how.

"Hey Justin, what year are you on at school? I'm a senior student"

I reads it and then sends it, "who are you texting?" Mia asks. I look up and puts down my phone, " no one you would know" I say and try's to sound as nice as I can. She nods as she looks behind me, "ew look at Cindy she's all over Justin" she says.

I turn around to see Cindy sitting on Justin's lap and talks like that 'I'm better than everyone else' way. I hate her so much! And Justin I wish he'd just disappear! "How desperately.." I say as I turn around again.

After school Mia and I decided to go to my house, and surprisingly my stepdad didn't hit or insulted me today so that's one good thing. We sit on my bed just talking I'm texting with Justin while still talking with Mia.

"Ok Alyssa, you need to tell me who you are texting" she says curiously.

I uncontrollably smiles by the thought of Justin and I's messages, but it fades when I see his message he'd just send.

"Hey Bailey;-) I dropped my math class because we had my hate teacher mrs. Wackily, what r u doing?"

I start to explain everything to Mia and she really looks understanding and trust worthy, "it's gonna be fine and I know that Justin can be a really nice and sweet guy" she says probably just to make me be a bit sure of him.

He, Justin Bieber can't be that sweet guy I'm texting with! I mean they are nothing alike. J165 is sweet and understanding while Justin Bieber is a bully and a player! It can't be him it just can't.

"Aren't you gonna reply to him?" Mia asks, "no not right now and by the way you're here so he will have to wait" I say smiling.



We, Mia and me are sitting on my bed. I'm showing her all the messages with Justin , "waw I don't believe this is Justin Bieber! It doesn't sound or seem like him AT ALL?!" She says confused and I laugh.

"I just do NOT want it to be him" I say laughing, "haha but I have to say he does surprise me" Mia says laughing.

I hug her, "Thanks Mia" I whisper into her ear.

"For what?" she asks, "for just you know talking to me.. I've never had one friend" I say looking at the floor.

Mia puts her hand on my shoulder, "and now you have me and I will always be your friend, ok?" She says and I nod and smiles my biggest smile.

But, how do I say this without sounding like a ungrateful person? I'm still not sure that she really wants to be my friend or maybe that's just me, right? Yeah it has to be. 

"What are you thinking about?" Mia asks. I think a moment then decides to tell her, "Don't get mad ok? But you know how everyone at school hates me, and I can't trust anyone? well I kind of can't stop thinking about if you could be friends with Cindy.." I say knowing that Mia is gonna yell at me right away.

"Listen, I know that Cindy is bullying you and Justin too.. But you should know that you can trust me, I have been best friends with Cindy when we were kids.. But then we got older she started bullying anyone who wasn't as cool as she think she is herself, so I stopped being her friend for good" Mia explains, "why did you stopped being her friend, I mean I understand your choice but anyway why?" I ask.

"I told her to stop bullying, and that she'd hurt people by doing it.. And then she'd said that I should be happy it wasn't me, and by that I got enough of her" Mia says. I might say I totally believes her.

"Thanks, you are actually the first person beside my mom I really trusts" I say hugging her, "and you can trust me sweetie" she says.


I get up and opens the door, its my stepdad. 

"Ally is your friend eating here?" he asks. Waow is that all? No sacasme, no hitting? And he has NEVER called me by my nickname my mom does, and the name my friends would've called me, if I had any. Well I have Mia.

"Uh no I promised my mom that I would eat at home before the party, You should totally come Ally" Mia says as she gets up and takes her phone and expensive leather jacket, puts it on and I'm following her out. 

"see you, I'll text you the details about the party Ok?" she says and hugs me, "Ok see you" I say.

I watch her go, then closes the door. I walk into the kitchen, hoping my mom is home but I guess that is too much to wish for..

"So you got a little friend huh? Just don't take her here anymore, especially not without asking!" he yells. and here comes the first kick, "get up on your room young lady!" he yells. I fast does as he says or else I know that he will just hit me or kick me again.

I jumps on my bed and tears just crashes down my cheeks, I can't stop crying. It has been like this before, where I just break down in tears and cries for serval hours.


*At 20.00*

I stop crying as my stepdad crashes through my door, "SHUT UP! you peace of crap, your mother thinks that somethings wrong! And we both know there is nothing wrong right?!" He spats.  I nod "yes, I'll be quiet now" I say and I mansions not to cry or sound like I want to, even that I would wish I could just cry forever.

My stepdad walks out and closes the door. 

I takes my phone from my night table, Justin or J165 as he calls himself has messaged me a lot.

*Hey beautiful, just got home from school what about u?*

*Bailey are you ok?*


I ignores it and turns of my phone, I just don't feel like talking to him right now. I mean he, J165 is Justin Bieber the schools biggest jerk and the biggest bully of nerds and MYSELF. In fact if he knew that princess18 is me, I can just kill myself already cause I know he'll be much worse than he already is now.



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