Bring on the Family Christmas Spirit By Minerva Jacqueline Perring

The Atkinsons family are starting to get into the Christmas festive mood being just under 2 weeks away. They have beautifully decorated their house with decorations, secretly decided what presents to buy each other.There is an outstanding school Christmas play at The local church in Lipton which The Atkinsons middle child Liam, sings along to the Christmas carols in the school choir so wonderfully, much to the Atkinsons family and his teachers delight. And they spend Christmas Day at their aunts house, which goes horribly wrong when one of their aunts children goes missing later in the afternoon.


2. Tis the season to be jolly

It was Saturday 17th December mid way through the morning on a cloudly cold day.Both Mr and Mrs Atkinsons were definitely planning on putting up the Christmas decorations in their living room whilst listening to 3 cds of the greatest Christmas music hits pretty loud, on the living rooms music stereo system. The top favourite Christmas song on the CD collection was the song called walking in the air which Aled Jones sung his version of back in the mid 1980s (which still is such a great hit). Such a beautiful singing voice. The exact same song playing at the beginning of the Snowman Christmas film.  All the family would sing all the lyrics to "We`re walking in the air" like they were in a choir in a joyful loud voice. Who cared what others thought.  All three of their children Liam, Sarah and David loved helping every year to arrange the Christmas decorations on the tree. Liam and Sarah would put on all the coloured sparkly gold, purple and silver tinsels and brightly coloured baubles onto the 6ft green tall Christmas tree. And David being a tall well built 17 year old young man at 5ft 11 tall, would help to put up the angel and gold star towards the very top of the tree. Their father would wrap around the bright blue Christmas tree lights However this year it was just going to be Mr and Mrs Atkinsons arranging the Christmas decorations. Their 10 year old son Liam, was out staying over at his best friends Adams house at the other side of Lipton. And wouldnt be back until the early afternoon, his dad would be giving him a lift in his black Volvo car back home later on. David, their eldest son had also gone out to meet up with two of his sixth form college friends, who he made friends with in the first year of starting at Sixth Form College. David was a bright and really smart 17 year old. He was currently studying finance and law studies and English. He always said that he planned to go to university and become a bank accountant or a lawyer when he was older. And their 14 year old teenage daughter Sarah was locked in her own bedroom upstairs. Practically glued to her samsung mobile phone text messaging her best friend Carly Jones who she was friends with since kindergarten. Carly and Sarah first met and soon became close friends at kindergarten when they were playing houses together during break time. Sarah was planning to meet up with her friend Carly. Carly was a tall brunette with excellent taste in fashion, like most teenage girls got obsessed on. She sometimes borrowed Sarah her sparkly jeans and tops which she loved to wear. They were arranging to meet up a little later on after lunch time at the Lakeside shopping centre mall. The Lipton town centre was just 20 minutes walking distance from their house, which was convienent for all the Atkinsons family.

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