Bring on the Family Christmas Spirit By Minerva Jacqueline Perring

The Atkinsons family are starting to get into the Christmas festive mood being just under 2 weeks away. They have beautifully decorated their house with decorations, secretly decided what presents to buy each other.There is an outstanding school Christmas play at The local church in Lipton which The Atkinsons middle child Liam, sings along to the Christmas carols in the school choir so wonderfully, much to the Atkinsons family and his teachers delight. And they spend Christmas Day at their aunts house, which goes horribly wrong when one of their aunts children goes missing later in the afternoon.


6. Sarah goes missing at Christmas day

All the Atkinsons kids and their aunts kids woke up early the next morning on Christmas day excitedly rushing downstairs into the living room. They fastly unwrapped up their presents. And thanked their parents for their presents. Aunt Lisa was such a great cook and made the most fantastic Christmas dinner and mouthwatering homemade Christmas pudding with delicious white brandy sauce on top. Everything was fine up until Sarah said she was going out to meet to her friend Carla at her house, which her parents refused to let her saying that Sarah should spend more time with her family being Christmas day. She didnt listen and stormed off out of the house. She wasnt really going to Carlas house, she just lied so she could go out and wonder off alone. Sarah had been out for now 4 hours and her parents and aunt and the rest of her family really worried about her. So at around 3.30pm just before it started to get completely dark her parents drove off in the car around the town first and the local area to look for her. First they drove around the town and found hardly anybody including Sarah. Just before they thought they wouldnt find Sarah they finally see a fair haired girl sitting at one of the park benches having been stood up. With relief they hugged Sarah and asked her if she was ok.

The next day the Atkinsons thanked their aunt Lisa for their stay and the food. They promised to arrange to stay at her house again next Christmas. It was still nice for the family to drive back to their home again though. 

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