Bring on the Family Christmas Spirit By Minerva Jacqueline Perring

The Atkinsons family are starting to get into the Christmas festive mood being just under 2 weeks away. They have beautifully decorated their house with decorations, secretly decided what presents to buy each other.There is an outstanding school Christmas play at The local church in Lipton which The Atkinsons middle child Liam, sings along to the Christmas carols in the school choir so wonderfully, much to the Atkinsons family and his teachers delight. And they spend Christmas Day at their aunts house, which goes horribly wrong when one of their aunts children goes missing later in the afternoon.


5. Our Christmas stay at our aunts

In the next few days the Atkinsons family were all going to stay at their aunt Lisas house for Christmas Eve and Christmas day this year. It was all arranged the week before after Lisa phoned last week to ask whether the family wanted to stay at her house for a couple of days and Mr and Mrs Atkinsons agreed. So the family pretty much packed a lot in their suitcases and my dad made sure all of our Christmas presents were safely stored in the back boot of the car. Mrs Atkinsons asked her mum and dad if they wouldnt mind going to their house now and again to check that everything was fine while the family were away. So on Friday afternoon off the Atkinsons family drove in their Volvo car off to Cornwall, a good 30 miles away drive from their home. Finally they drove down the driveway to the large mansion. The mansion looked like the home alone Winnetka casting house used in the early 90s home alone films. Just so grand with 13 rooms and beautiful interior furnishings. They got out of the car one by one and Sean, their dad knocked at the door. Lisa went to answer the door and was delighted to see the family"Hi, Its so nice to meet you all again, its been ages since the last time you came!".

Seeing Liam, a quiet fair haired boy helping the rest of the family carry their luggage approach she said"Havent you grown since the last time I saw you". "Im ten years old now, Ive just started sixth grade". It was decided that the family was going to sleep in the seperate spare bedrooms on the second floor. They all decided to watch their favourite Christmas film of White Christmas on TV. After having tea Lisa and the parents ordered Liam, Sarah and David to go upstairs to play a game of monopoly with two of her grown up kids Jane and Ben. They enjoyed playing the game together while their parents wrapped all their tons of presents and placed them in a hidden place in the living room right next to the Christmas tree.

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