Bring on the Family Christmas Spirit By Minerva Jacqueline Perring

The Atkinsons family are starting to get into the Christmas festive mood being just under 2 weeks away. They have beautifully decorated their house with decorations, secretly decided what presents to buy each other.There is an outstanding school Christmas play at The local church in Lipton which The Atkinsons middle child Liam, sings along to the Christmas carols in the school choir so wonderfully, much to the Atkinsons family and his teachers delight. And they spend Christmas Day at their aunts house, which goes horribly wrong when one of their aunts children goes missing later in the afternoon.


4. Nearing the Christmas holiday

Sarah`s dad called from downstairs in the hallway "Sarah, we need to be going soon enough!". "Okay, Okay Im coming!" she said sighing, getting up from her dressing table stool after having put her sparkly silver eyeshadow and black mascara. She put on her green fury coat and off she and her dad drove off all the way to Castle street just opposite the H and M clothing store. Sarah and her friends often went shopping and hung around the H and M store outside since the new store opened recently. "See you later!"her dad called at her. He then drove about 3 miles out from the Lipton town centre to go to collect Sarahs younger brother Liam at Adams house. He parked outside and walked up to their drive way of their house and knocked on the door once. His mum opened the door looking cheery saying "It was such a pleasure to have your son here". Liam and his dad said goodbye and walked back to the car and slammed the doors of the car and drove off. "I had such a fun time playing my friend Adams new playstation game". "I kept on winning the game"his 10 year old son said proudly.

Before we knew it the weekend was over. And the last week of the school term returned. The kids couldnt wait until the week was over. On Tuesday evening it was the Merltons primary school`s Christmas play. Well it was more of a Christmas choir singing carols such as away in the manger and the three kings. But none the less it was so fantastic. Liam sang so wonderfully, it had to be said. All teachers and parents clapped their hands and applauded at the end.


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