Bring on the Family Christmas Spirit By Minerva Jacqueline Perring

The Atkinsons family are starting to get into the Christmas festive mood being just under 2 weeks away. They have beautifully decorated their house with decorations, secretly decided what presents to buy each other.There is an outstanding school Christmas play at The local church in Lipton which The Atkinsons middle child Liam, sings along to the Christmas carols in the school choir so wonderfully, much to the Atkinsons family and his teachers delight. And they spend Christmas Day at their aunts house, which goes horribly wrong when one of their aunts children goes missing later in the afternoon.


1. Getting into the Christmas festive mood...slowly

You always when Christmas is just around the corner. On television they start bombarding Christmas adverts which is pretty much the first sign of Christmas on its way. The shopping centres and shops start playing out loud Christmas music to spice up the Christmas atmosphere for their customers. While some of the customers may think Oh No here comes Christmas again!, possibly in the words of Scroodge in the Christmas Carol story of Oh Hum Bug in great dismay. Whilst other customers may be really looking forward for Christmas and counting down the days until Christmas. It is always one of the two cateogries you will find. Then again they say that Christmas is a great time of the year for families. It either can be or cant be.

At 110 Woodfield Road, in a small sized red brick  detached house, located in just the outskirts of a small town called Lipton, lived the fun going Atkinsons family. It seemed like a big change for the family to move from a big city in London to a small house just by a few countryside fields with a large woodland at the back. And located alongside the agricultural showground in Lipton. Whenever there was an event running at the showground for the day and even night sometimes if it was a live music festival like the Fields Forever festival, it got really noisy and the family could practically hear everything going on and the loud music blasting out at concerts. But the family absolutely loved the house from their very sight after having a tour around the house. And they straight away bought the house soon after. They had to move house partly because Sean Atkinsons, the father, got a new job just a little over a year ago and wanted to be closer to home from work. He got a full time new job working as a film director down in Lipton, only about 30 minutes driving distance from their house. He enjoyed his job so far and was a film director mostly in adventure and drama type films. And right now he was working on directing a Christmas themed film. Jill Atkinsons, was a part time music teacher teaching 4th grade pupils on how to play the piano and singing in a choir. She found her job mostly a pleasure even though the 4th grade pupils could get really out of hand at times being only 8 and 9 years old children.

Currently the Atkinsons family were starting to get into the Christmas festive mood slowly. It was going to be their first ever Christmas living in Lipton.The Atkinsons family had just moved house to the small town of Lipton this year at the beginning of the school summer holiday. The exact day after two of the Atkinsons children had just broken up for the school holidays, much to their delight. Both of the children were really excited about moving house and would go around telling their school friends about it. Their school friends they had made were really sad about the family moving away, but Liam and Sarah, the younger two, promised to stay in touch with them on twitter and go to visit them occassionally when they had their parents permission. Which their parents strongly agreed to.


All of the Atkinsons family almost always found themselves in the second cateogry of excitedly counting down the days until Christmas day.

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