Christmases with you are the best

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  • Published: 10 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 10 Dec 2014
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Sødt lille digt om den dejlige juletid. På engelsk.


1. Christmases with you are the best

Looking out of the window,

snow is falling,

everything covered white,

this is a memory, a recalling

from last years tonight.


Outside in the deepest snow,

Frozen ears and a red nose,

Snowflakes in your hair, gleaming bright,

Under the moon and stars, standing close

in the darkest night, you're my guiding light.


The Christmas-tree's golden glow,

food, presents and blissful wishes,

outshining the decorated tree, you do,

you whisper in my ear: “Merry Christmas”

so sweet, I hold you tight, and whisper “You too”.

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