Noise, a Collection of the Greatest Zombie Short Stories

A reclusive survivalist builds a shelter and refuses to leave. A brave trio of zombie survivors strive to protect their families and many more.


1. The Survivalist

A survival nut built a small safe house in preparation for any and all upcoming disasters. When news of the first cases reached the nut, he immediately stocked the 10' x 10' shelter with enough food and water to last a lifetime. 

After four hours of silence and isolation, a knock at the door. It was the man's friends who have come knowing that the shelter was the safest place in the city. They beg him to let them in, but these cries fell on unremorseful ears. He tells them to go away before they attract whatever those things are. They argue and plead for ten whole minutes before being interrupted by screams. The men outside fell silent. 

After thirty minutes of not knowing what has happened, the man opened the door to investigate. His friends have vanished. Twenty yards off in the distance the man sees the walking dead approaching. He quickly closed and sealed the impenetrable door to his self made fortress. 

Ten minutes after seeing the dead, the man begins to hear them as well. They claw, gnaw, and bang at the walls and the door of the safe house all while constantly moaning and groaning. The man panicked, his heart rate increased rapidly, his breath became short and loud. After five minutes of the noise and the breakdown, the man reassured himself that his fortress cannot fall to these zombies. 

Three hours after chaos began, the man had grown tired and laid down to sleep. The man lays for all of seven minutes before the noise finally caused him to erupt in an inept fury. He screamed and banged his hands against the door in retaliation. After exhausting himself, the man decided to craft makeshift earplugs out of some paper towels he has in storage. The man is now capable of sleeping through the night. 

In the morning, the man awakened with a stiff cramp in his neck. He searches through his one man castle for a bottle of pills only to realize he didn't bring any. Enraged at the pain in his neck and the constant banging and clawing, the man screamed at the undead. 

After eating a rather bland dried eggs and dried grits, the man thought to himself: "What am I going to do all day?" In no time at all, he decides to write his memoirs. He frantically searches for a pen. Success, he finds one. He then searched for paper to write his memories on, only to find a roll of a paper towels. He begins writing his memoirs to finish with his late childhood in the afternoon and retired to his bed. 

He wakes up and repeats his routine for one week straight. After one week of writing, something happens the man had not planned to happen. The pen ran out of ink. With his writing put on hold, the man tried to entertain himself by other means. 

After one full week of no distractions and only the noise of the dead to keep him company, he must have silence. The man begs and pleads with the undead for an hour, but these cries fall on unremorseful ears. Determined to have silence, the man grabbed the pen and tearfully and painfully stabs his eardrums out. 

After a week of silence, gunfire breaks the moans of the undead. Several minutes later the guns cease to fire and the dead cease to rattle. Then a knock on the door, a soldier asks: "Is anyone here? You can come out now, it is safe," but these cries fell on deaf ears. 

The soldiers left the man to his impenetrable fortress.The man lived the rest of his life in complete silence. 


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