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2. crash

Kristina's POV:

So apparently I went to sleep with mascara and woke up to a horrific sight of me with these black circles over my eyes. Jesus Christ I'm like a Fucking Panda. Crying+Rubbing your eyes+Mascara... Yeah that doesn't mix.

I feel like doing something

"What to do" I sing out opening my closet

I slide to the left:

A couple empty hangers and a bright red strapless dress. But I stop at sight of my Zebra Printed Jumpsuit. I threw it on with some white heels. I put on my $50 dark purple lipstick and cleaned my eyes only to re-apply my mascara.

Just because I'm going out doesn't mean I can't look good.

I called up my friend Celine:

"Hey fathead what's up"

"Hah funny what do you want?" She said laughing. we've been idiots together ever since we met. We've known each-other for about 10 years. She's always been there for me and she can always find a way to make me laugh.

"I want to hang out loser I'm bored as Frig!! Pick me up saann!!!" I yelled

"Okay freak I'll come over in about a half hour."


"Yayy!! Thanks loser bye , I love you!!"

"Eh ... Just kidding I love you too, see you in a bit" she hung up.

What would I do without her?

I decided to go downstairs and put on some music. I swiped through my I pod looking for the right song. Metallica. Yes.


I sang in the loudest voice ever and I popped a lollipop in my mouth.

The poor neighbors.

After two heavy metal songs I plugged my I pod into my headphones.

I decided to go for a walk since I had time to kill. I stopped because I had seen a poster of five boys.

"One direction" I read as I admired the big poster

"They're cute" I thought to myself.

The poster said they were in town.

I wasn't one for their type of music. But I'm not going to lie they're fucking hot.

My attention went from a cute boy with messy curls to a hot guy who was muscular with short brown side-swept hair. "Louis Tomlinson" I sang.


I repeated the name in my head as I walked back home.

I unlocked the door and admired a picture of my king.

Elvis Presley. I lived alone so I had everything I ever wanted in my house.

I got a call from Celine.

"Ugh" I groaned because I had just locked the door behind me.

I unlocked it and went outside to see a pink Cadillac.

I swear that car was a dream.

"Hi! Hop in" said Celine pulling down her circular shades.

I jumped in and she asked me where I wanted to go.

"First, Starbucks. Then, mall. Then, we feast!"

Celine's smile widened.

She looked at me

"No movie?" But in the second she turned to look at me we both flung forward.

The impact of my head against the headboard left me dizzy. Celine's head smacked against the steering wheel and the airbag flew out. It felt like I was in slow motion.

"CELINE!!" I screamed

"yes loser" she laughed

She was an asshole. She kept her head down and I thought she was hurt really bad"

"you're such a badass dude are you really joking after the crash."

"Nope" she said

"Shutup and let's get out of the car" I said

Our car was totaled but the other black van which ran into us wasn't nearly as horrible as ours.

"D-dear goodness!! " a chubby man in a black suit ran towards us inspecting our faces for injuries.

"Sir we are okay, Were you injured?" I asked

He shook like a leaf.

"Yes Ma'am. P-Please understand this was an accident! I'm sorry I hit you young ladies I could've killed you!", he cried.

"All is well sir", Celine said. She was so sweet she couldn't get really upset even if she tried.

"Now what's your name sir?" She asked.

"Stanley. Stanley Simms. And you two?"

"I'm Kristina." I answered. "And this is Celine" I continued.

"I have my own restaurant. I will have your car fixed by t-tomorrow. I-I'll take you two to my restaurant now!" He stuttered worried we might not accept.

"Sounds fine let us just get our purses from the car." Celine said. I was grateful for her and my life and nice people.

After Celine and I got to the car I asked

"G-got everything?"

"Y-yeah" she said.

We both bursted out in laughter. We were sick people. But everyone has sick humor. Stuttering Stanley is nice, don't get me wrong. But he's a character.

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