Leo is a mere juvenile, full of fun and cackle-stirring adventure.


1. Jokkey

There were hardly any trees in the spacious court that had wooden benches fixed to immobility beneath them. The benches themselves, being in sequences and courses, could accommodate forty people or so. There were additionally low-leveled walls at the five borders of the court—yes, it was pentagon-shaped—not extending above a feet and half in height. A wire fence, established on these walls, heightened upward, and it bore a handful signs, which forewarned that one could touch it at the hazard of losing their own lives. It was electrified, with a special magnet designed in all its wires, one that had the efficiency and might to detect unauthorized weapons and unmask who was carrying them, and it could also galvanize and tow allowed metal weaponry serviced in combat before they could strike off an overpowered individual. It wrested them away when they had advanced an inch or so closer to the vanquished’s skin. As Jordan neared the court’s gate, which was built of wood blended with metal, it slid open on its own at her approach. After she had set foot into the vast court, the gate sealed self- actingly. She cast Karl and Calvin a serious eye. Karl, ducking Calvin’s hardened blow, straightened up quickly and lightly all of a sudden, and sending a solid rock into Calvin’s stomach, he watched him stumble away, and when Calvin had stroke his back against the bark of a tree, Karl cast his sword to his throat. In one zapping movement, the sword slipped out of Karl’s hand the instant it was two inches away from Calvin’s throat, and, like iron strongly pulled by a magnet, it flew off toward the fence, where it hit with a loud clacking sound and stayed there without even dropping down.
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