There Was a Number On The Box



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There was a number on the box, number 78.  It was in a pile of thing my grandfather had left me in his will, he died a month ago but I couldn't bring my self to go through the things he had left me.  I picked up the small wooden box that had the numbers 78 engraved in the top of it and opened the lid, inside there was a silver ring with the letter D on it.  I lifted the ring out of the box and under neath there was a note...

Dearest D,

I do not want to go back home without you this summer but we both know I have to. I am writing you this letter to tell you that if I end up staying and don't come back for some unforeseen circumstance I just want you to know that I love you and I'll remember you always.

                                   I'll miss you, 


Who is D and who is M I wonder to myself. And why is the number 78? I sit and think until my mother comes to say goodnight and turns off my light. I get under the covers and go to sleep. 

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