Fatal atracrions Zayn mailk

" what are you doing here, I thought I told you to stay away" he snapped pulling me inside of his house looking around before shutting the door quickly, locking it. I sighed looking at him his perfect features showing off " I need answers" I sighed he scoffed walking closer to me his lips inches apart from my ear " the only thing you need is to leave" he laughed anger boiled up in side me before I knew it my hand flew across his face leaving a red mark in the shape of my petite hand " you think your cute? you think you can do that?" he hissed walking closer to me pinning my hands down by my side. My eyes flickered to his lips before crashing mine down on his " You shouldn't be here. " "HAVEN GET DOWN'' before I knew it a loud bang went off leaving me in the dark. Maybe he wasn't lying when he said ........ this would be Fatal.

If you think this is another everyday love story your wrong my friend. Haven is everyday kind of girl Zayn well he's ......bad news. " This type of love isn't


9. Sometimes it happens

SO just a quick note: 


I'm new to this website so I don't really know how the stories are written just yet. But I hope you like my story anyway <3 thanks 

I still couldn't wrap my head around what had happened first he was worried about me and the next he wanted me out of his life, but that isn't the big problem the fact the he was in a gang! I should be scared and never want to talk to him again but I'm not, and I want to talk to him now more than I ever did before; I miss him. But he doesn't want me around anyome Louis knows what happened that day, and he's worried about me. I've shut completely down I don't when want to talk to anyone but I talk to Louis a lot when he's around he's mostly with Niall and Liam again today, that's were he is leaving me alone to think. All I want to do is sent a text to Harry and ask what happened. Why the fuck not it's not going to hurt anyone - maybe my self - but it's not going to hurt.

To curly boy;
Hey? It's been two days. And I want to know what happened I got hit over the head and told to leave.

I sat there looking at my phone waiting for some type of reply a a smile face? Just look at the god dam message. Nope: nothing not one thing. Maybe if I stayed away like I was told to I wouldn't have this problem. But I guess sometimes it happens. I'm going to be hurt over this for a while then one point I'll have to move on right? I don't know anymore. I'll have to forget him. For get the one person who made me feel alive the one person who didn't get a chance to get to know, 

I have to forget Zayn Malik

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