Fatal atracrions Zayn mailk

" what are you doing here, I thought I told you to stay away" he snapped pulling me inside of his house looking around before shutting the door quickly, locking it. I sighed looking at him his perfect features showing off " I need answers" I sighed he scoffed walking closer to me his lips inches apart from my ear " the only thing you need is to leave" he laughed anger boiled up in side me before I knew it my hand flew across his face leaving a red mark in the shape of my petite hand " you think your cute? you think you can do that?" he hissed walking closer to me pinning my hands down by my side. My eyes flickered to his lips before crashing mine down on his " You shouldn't be here. " "HAVEN GET DOWN'' before I knew it a loud bang went off leaving me in the dark. Maybe he wasn't lying when he said ........ this would be Fatal.

If you think this is another everyday love story your wrong my friend. Haven is everyday kind of girl Zayn well he's ......bad news. " This type of love isn't


16. let's play a game ~ chapter 16

The fact that Zayn who cares so very much about me according to him, I understand that he doesn't want me to get hurt but I am a grown woman I can handle things. The clouds grew dark like water was going to spill from them at any seconds. Great. Because Zayn picked me up at my place I was walking home not that I minded I've always liked the rain more many reason. Now that I'm thinking about my relationship with Zayn I realized that I didn't have a real one, and by that I mean, no first date, it kind of just happened and it makes me wonder about so much shit. I snapped out of my thoughts when I crashed into someone

" just who I was looking for !" A man laughed with dark brown/blonde hair and dark brown eyes. His eyes filled with pure hate.

" uh excuse me "

" no time for talking"

He grabbed me I fought against his grip trying to scream out for help but his large hand covered my mouth. Soon the smell of a strong order was pressed to my mouth and nose. The liquid burned my mouth, my nose I could feel the back of my throat become dry. Pretty soon I was excerpting darkness and the only name that came to mind before I was tossed in to a van. Was Louis. I cried out for Louis.


" who are you" I asked looking at the man he laughed and kicked me once again in the stomach.

Does any one ever know I'm missing?

" look here. I'm a old friend of Zayn's bet he didn't tell you about me. Since your his little fuck buddie, he owes me a large amount of drugs and cash, and since he's no longer with me I know he won't give them to me. But I have you. So he won't have a choice" he said bending down to my hight since I was tied up on the floor in some basement.

" but here's the little twist, I get what I want, and I'm still gonna kill you. Haven. Your beautiful but you've already seen so much. But not before I have my fun with you"

I couldn't find any words to stop him from what he was about to do. I closed my eyes but I could still hear the sound of his belt being undone there wasn't much I could do anymore I was dead. The scary part was I wasn't afraid of dying. At least I wouldn't have to live with the memories.

" stop please" I managed to choke out as he just finished rapping me. My arms came and covered my exposed chest. Silent tears running down my face. I felt so dirty so nasty. I never had sex before I was waiting for the right guy.

" let's give Zayn a call" he ripped my phone from my back pocket

" open it he demanded" I did as I was told and typed in my pass code

" hello" I could hear Zayn's sleepy and worried voice

" why, hello Zayn. It's me Jason I have something that belongs to you, let me tell you she has one beautiful body, I've already played around with it. How could you keep so many things from her. But I called to tell you I have Haven and I want my stuff"

" you fucking asshole! Don't touch her"

He laughed and kicked me right in the ribs I screamed out in pain

" you mean like that? "

" let's play a game Zayn, you do as I say and you'll get Haven back, if you fail or get caught by the cops, she dies, are you ready?"


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