Fatal atracrions Zayn mailk

" what are you doing here, I thought I told you to stay away" he snapped pulling me inside of his house looking around before shutting the door quickly, locking it. I sighed looking at him his perfect features showing off " I need answers" I sighed he scoffed walking closer to me his lips inches apart from my ear " the only thing you need is to leave" he laughed anger boiled up in side me before I knew it my hand flew across his face leaving a red mark in the shape of my petite hand " you think your cute? you think you can do that?" he hissed walking closer to me pinning my hands down by my side. My eyes flickered to his lips before crashing mine down on his " You shouldn't be here. " "HAVEN GET DOWN'' before I knew it a loud bang went off leaving me in the dark. Maybe he wasn't lying when he said ........ this would be Fatal.

If you think this is another everyday love story your wrong my friend. Haven is everyday kind of girl Zayn well he's ......bad news. " This type of love isn't


19. I'm sorry

" get off of me " I scare mad hitting my fist on Jason's back

" fine " he screamed slamming me to te ground

" let's have a call to your boyfriend? Yeah?" He sneered picking up the phone I sighed biting my lip I wonder if Louis knows about all this. God I bet he's worried sick.

" hello. You have my stuff yet? Let me tell you Zayn your girl has a wonderful body besides the scar on her stomach!"

Scar I don't even have a scar

" looks as if your boyfriend is here to save you ah how cute"

" ZAYN " I screamed but Zayn shut the basement door tears brimmed my eyes.

" HAVEN !!" Louis voice broke out

" Louis!" I screamed running to hug him

" where's Zayn? " I questioned he nodded his head towards Jason as they walked down the stairs

" you know Zayn Haven here has a perfect body but it only have one In-perfection" Jason sneered

"What's that?" The blonde boy asked standing besides Louis

" this " Jason said stabbing his knife in to my stomach

I gasped holding my hand over stomach Zayn laid me down where my head was on his lap Harry and Louis tired to catch Jason but it didn't work

" I'm so sorry Haven "

" stay with me !" Louis voice faded in to the background when I expected the blackness around me.


Another clif hanger your welcome there's spelling mistakes I didn't edit yet sorry

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