Fatal atracrions Zayn mailk

" what are you doing here, I thought I told you to stay away" he snapped pulling me inside of his house looking around before shutting the door quickly, locking it. I sighed looking at him his perfect features showing off " I need answers" I sighed he scoffed walking closer to me his lips inches apart from my ear " the only thing you need is to leave" he laughed anger boiled up in side me before I knew it my hand flew across his face leaving a red mark in the shape of my petite hand " you think your cute? you think you can do that?" he hissed walking closer to me pinning my hands down by my side. My eyes flickered to his lips before crashing mine down on his " You shouldn't be here. " "HAVEN GET DOWN'' before I knew it a loud bang went off leaving me in the dark. Maybe he wasn't lying when he said ........ this would be Fatal.

If you think this is another everyday love story your wrong my friend. Haven is everyday kind of girl Zayn well he's ......bad news. " This type of love isn't


20. chapter 20

Beep beep beep beep

I stood there looking over Havens body hooked up to all these machines because of me. I should have just left and not talked to her the day I met her. How can I tell her when she wakes up that Jason got away that Luke's dad couldn't catch him. Everything was my fault and Louis clearly has pointed that out to me about a dozen times already. There had to be someone helping Jason there was no way for him to get away I mean come on it's the FBI where talking about

There was no way he could just get away with something like that. Nothing added up it was like I'm missing something. Who's working on the inside who's helping a asshole get away with this. Who would help him. Louis? Harry? Luke? Why is it that I can't trust anyone and Harry's like family would he really do something like this to me. The only thing I can do is find out who's working with the people who are trying to kill me, I will find them.

" hey coffee ?" Luke asked walking in to the room I nodded and took the hot drink holding it in my hands. I didn't trust Luke nor did I trust Louis but right now there all I got.

" what happened? Why didn't your dad catch him? I should've killed him" I hissed

" there trying Zayn they have the tracker Zayn. They'll find him"

" I doubt it "

I jumped to Haven waking up her blue eyes looked pale and dark, the sparkle that once use to be there isn't. Her smile was faded and small she looked like she didn't trust the people standing in her room right now and I don't blame her because I didn't trust them either.

" hey, " she smiled grabbing my hands

" doctor says your gonna be fine but you have to stay in here for a while" Louis said sitting beside Haven

" I love you guys. " she smiled before falling back to sleep

I have to find out who's working against me one of my own people. The first person I start with is Harry. Then Louis then Luke.

When I find who it is

I'll kill him my self

Coming for you Jason!


Eh took me forever! Sorry I'm going to go back to fix any spelling there is! 🌺I hope you like it please leave your comments on who you think it is ! You'll find out in the next chapters who's working on the inside, who's after Zayn.

Remember you can trust no one. In a world like Zayn's your closet friend could be plotting how to kill you when you least expect it.

Sorry it's so short! It's just a filler next chapter talks more about Zayn's past! Next chapters are in Zayn's pov

Who do you trust? And who's trying to kill him ?

Eh took me forver

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