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5. March 12,2015

Today Has Been Going Good So Far 😇 Rn Im Eating Cookies Called Galletas Maria 🍪🍪 They On Point Cx My Teacher Actually Likes Them Smh 😂👏 Anyways Uyy I Didnt Go To Counseling It Sucks 😩💩 I Was Looking Forward To It 😱😌. Today All Ive Been Thinking ABout Is How I Can Show That I Can Do Anything With Out People Who Have Left My Life 😩🙏✊ Yesterday My Mom Told Me That The Church Was Gonna Go On A Trip Just For Young People, I Was Happy To Hear That Cause They Want Me To Go Even If I Havent Went To Church In A While For Them It Doesnt Matter They Just Want Me To Be In The Right Path 👌 But I Dont Know Anymore Cause Im Lost In Life 😩💀💆 I Want To Be Fine Like Everyone Else But I Feel So Different Than Everyone .. No One Can Understand Everyone .😪✊ Whatever Thou Ill Be Fine I Hope 👆I Got Told I Have A 49 In One Of My Classes And I Cryed Cause I Might Not Pass 😱😩😔👎👎

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