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-☯✖ Panchaa ✖☯


4. February 27,2015

Today Is Friday Its Supposed To Be A Good Day But Today I Felt Like I Was Gonna Die It Was Sad To Be Able To Talk to My Ex Boyfriend Who Ment Everything To You But He Lost All That When He Decided To Leave Me But He Wonders If I Miss Him, Ima Be Real It Hurts To See He Still Likes Me But More. I Dont Know What To Do Anymore v.v He Kills Me By All The Words He Says, He Makes Me Feel All Special But Then He Gets Mad And Calls Me Mean Words And It Hurts Allot .!!

I Just Feel Like Giving Up On Life At This Point. I'm Not Passing My Classes My Grades Are Slipping Each Minute I Really Am Slacking On Life. I'm Loosing Friends Making Me Become Lonely!😩 I Can't Do This Anymore Iam Slowly Giving Up On Things.. And Not Caring At All❗️❗️

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