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2. December 10,2014 *Special One*

Today I Had A Alright Day Cx Never mind The Alright It Was One Of The Best Days Ive Had In Awhile Cx. Its 6:57 A Few Minutes Ago I Finally Heard My Dads Voice Like OMG I Went Crazy Only Cause My Dad Died/Was Killed When I Was Two Turning Three , He Left Me And My Mom When I Turned 1 And Since Then Its Been 11 Years I Haven't Been Able To See Or Talk To Him And Today Is Just Special Cx I Finally Got To Hear Him ,And Two Of My Uncle's ( They Were Also Killed) I Feel Like I Wanna Scream Of Joy I Wanna Cry And Say Thank You They Are Special To Me Because Of Allot Of Things ^-^ I Miss Them Tho >.< RIP Ramiro , RIP Francisco , RIP Jose Alberto Hope You Guys Are In A Good Place <3 Anyways I Had A Great Day And In Lunch It as Funny Cause This Dude Was Laughing And He Has A Funny Laugh Cx It Made Me Get Red Cx And I Saw My 2nd Best Friend He Didn't Say Hi So I Went After Him Hit Him In The Head And He Went After Me Just To Give Me A Hug I Was Like Awwee Nigga You Better Not Get Me Back Cx Thanks For Reading , Bye -☯✖ Panchaa ✖☯
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