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6. April 4,2015

Im So Happy Today ��☺️ It Makes Me Happy To Know That Someone Actually Likes Me Not For My Looks But For My Self ����Rn He Treats Me Like The Most Important Person In The World �� Last Night He Stayed Up Just To Talk To Me ������ He Says Im Perfect ���� But Ik Im Not, I Just Wish I Could See Him ���� And Hugg Him Tightly ❤️ Anyways Since His Birthday Is Thursday Ima Get Him A Teddy Bear That Says I Love You ��❤️ But i Dont Wanna Fall For Anyone But I Already Did ����❤️�� Yesterday We Talked From 10 Pm Till 5 Am He Didnt Leave Me ���� He Makes Me Laugh ���� He's Sweet ������ He's Hawt ��✊ But Im Hawwter ������������But The Bad Thing Is He's 31 Hours Away From Me �������� Lay Me Down - Sam Smith Ft. John Legend ���� But Anyways I Hope I Have A Great Day Love Yaa ��❤️
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