Underwater... Too Much (Jaden Smith Love Story)

" I've Always Been A Player.. Lied.. Cheat.. Its What I Do.. But I Think For Her.. Ima Have To Change" -Jaden


4. Jaen's POV

Today we are moving into a new house.. I dont know why though.. Dad doesnt like it..
he thinks its too open and paprazzi are gunna try and come in..
But I did hear we are living beside some famous people as well though... So it might
be fun here... I still dont want to change schools though.. We have to go to Buckley,
and they have to wear uniforms eww.. 
*the real story begins*
Me: *carrying two boxes* ugh this is heavy...
Blanket: Daddy i dont want to live here... Can we go back home..
Dad: This is home now.. You'll have fun there are kids in this neighborhood you can play with..
I walked inside the house placing down the boxes.. I looked out the window to the house beside 
us. I saw 3 kids outside.. Too be honest it looks like Jaden Smith.. and Justin Bieber..
I stared at Jaden with a hard stare.. I have always liked him.. theres just
something about him thats atractive, but i heard he was a player, and i dont want a part of that.
Dad: What are you staring at..
Me: *jumped* Oh nothing..
Dad: Well then take your stuff to you room because i invited our neighbors over.
Me: *rolls eyes* okay...
I grabbed all my stuff going up the stairs to my room.. my bed and stuff was already in place..
I have made my bed and re-arranged my furniture.. I hung up pictures..
It took me forever to get my room done though. On top of it i had to help fix up the
rest of the house.. After about a good 3 to 5 hours it was done..
Prince: *sighing* finally.. its done..
Paris: Yes... I cant wait to meet the new people though..
Me: Me either.. I ran up to my room to put on something more relaxing.. I looked
into my closet and put on   *later that day*

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