Maybe One Day

Lucialla's (Luci) mother went missing leaving behind a note promising that she'll be back and a unlimited credit card. This isn't unusual for Luci since her mother is always gone on a business trip. After her mothers absence, strange things started to happen and Luci doen't like it.


1. Typical Morning

         It started out like any other day. I wake up and do my morning routine. I came  downstairs for breakfast. The first thing I notice is that there was a note on the table underneath a plate. I knew what the note mean. My mother is a very busy person after my father's death which is five years ago when I was 11. I often ask my mother what her job is but she kept quiet about it so I use to make believe that she's a spy but that's when I was 6. Anyway this time, the note's different. It read "I don't have much time to write this but I'm leaving soon. If all goes well, this would be the last time for a while. I don't know when I'm coming back so here's a credit card. Remember to close the door and don't let strangers in. Don't go out at night and never stay out at night. If there's any trouble, you can talk to Melissa's mother. Love you." I didn't think much about it that morning. Maybe I should have because it would prepare me for what's coming later on.

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