Maybe One Day

Lucialla's (Luci) mother went missing leaving behind a note promising that she'll be back and a unlimited credit card. This isn't unusual for Luci since her mother is always gone on a business trip. After her mothers absence, strange things started to happen and Luci doen't like it.


3. The Boy and The Dream

   I was doing homework when I heard the knock. "Knock, knock." The knock continue and I froze there in front of my computer. My room was upstair so I'm far away from the door. I thought it was my mother because sometime she knock at night because she was dropping by and didn't bring her key. Most of the time I didn't hear it so she was force to call me at a payphone. I told my mother to bring her cellphone to her work but she refused. I still don't know why. Anyway, I went to the window to check who it was because my mother told me to always check and it became a habit. I was glad that I check but I was glad about what I saw. It was a strange man with a boy about my age knocking on my door. The man had sleek black hair with pale white skin. He was cover from head to toe even though the weather was nice out. I couldn't make out what the boy look like because he was under the tree in my front yard. The shadow covered him. Just when I was about to leave and return to my homework, the boy walk out of the shadow and he looked straight at me. Our eyes made contact for a second before I pull away. Just before I close the curtain, I saw him smile at me.

  That night, I dreamed about him. The strange boy that I only saw that day for a few minute. He was smiling at me and holding his hands out. He was bloody and I can see bodies on the ground. He beckoned for me to take his hand. I refused and ran from him. After I was sure that I was away from him, I stopped. I stopped there to catch my breath and that's when I felt somebody behind me. I turn around and saw a man with a knife getting ready to stab me. Before I got stabbed, I woke up screaming. My face was cover in sweat and I sat up. It was only a dream. It was only a dream. I tried to convince myself but I can't. It feeled so real. I walk to the window and open the curtain. I look at the bright moon feeling lost. If only my parent was here. "Dad.Mom. What am I suppose to do?" I pleaded to the stars hoping my father or mother would answer and I felt foolish after a minute of silence. I walk to my nightstand and turned on the lamp. That's when I remember the note. I open my folder and found it. Right after the J, was an arrow pointing to the back of the paper. I turned it over. At first, I saw nothing but then, the words just appeared magically. "We can force you to see us but we want you to trust us. We are on your side. We can tell you everything....even your mother"

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