Maybe One Day

Lucialla's (Luci) mother went missing leaving behind a note promising that she'll be back and a unlimited credit card. This isn't unusual for Luci since her mother is always gone on a business trip. After her mothers absence, strange things started to happen and Luci doen't like it.


2. Being Watched

      I can't say that it's weird because it's not. I walk to school that day by myself. I don't have a lot of friends. The friends I have walk to school and back with their boyfriends. Anyway, I walked that day slowly taking in the beautiful weather. It was sunny outside and the temperature was great. I was happy and nothing could stop my happiness except that something did. It was a weird feeling. I was breathing in the fresh air with a smile on my face and then I stopped smiling. A weird feeling came to me. I can't even describe it but it feel like somebody was watching me. I look around and saw nobody. I turn around and started to walk again and that feeling came back to me. I look around again scared of what I might find. Nothing. I turn around and ran to school. At school, it was normal and throughout the day, I keep trying to convince myself that it was just my imagination but it isn't. 

    "R-rinng" the bell rang for dismissal. I was about to close my locker when I saw a note. I feel drawn to it and I open it. The note read, "Meet me at the cemetery at Canal Ave at 5:00. Don't be late. I have somethingg to talk to you.  -J" I dropped the note. I look around quickly but I don't see anybody out of the ordinary. I slam my locker, pick up the note and file out the school. As soon as I got out, I ran home.

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