Ella. x liam

Her 4 letter name seems to be everywhere.
In my dreams, the tip of my tongue, my thoughts and my walls.
I am forever marked.
Her autograph has tainted me and those around me.
She is just a moving skeleton with a bright smile and soft lips.
So how did she fuck me up this bad?


2. prologue.

lowercase intended.

i never understood your obsession with being remembered. like being remembered is the only goal the human race has ever known. and if you weren't remembered you just weren't significant enough.

i always thought it was because of your past, but it was so much deeper. the dept of the problem was unimaginable, and no matter how i tried you couldn't get off that bullshit moral.

i would always say that you would be remembered. by me, your family, your friends, and anyone who came to understand how significant you were.

but that wasn't enough for you. you wanted to be in books, to still be missed even after many years of your passing, you wanted the world to be affected by the lack of your presence, that you would have had a funeral as grande as your wedding.

but it wasn't possible. because eventually everything will be gone and all those material possessions that you were remembered in, would be forgotten and wouldn't matter more than the shit they were made of.

but the act of being remembered, to still be in someone's memory, to be the topic of their story, to be read and passed down to generations ahead.

that is forever. 

and baby, you've been forever since i first laid eyes on you.



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