Living Together With You

Jasmine's dad died recently and she's moving in with her mother's best friend, Mrs. Lotte. They have a son who is two month older than her named Alan. Alan hates Jasmine and he didn't bother to hide that. Jasmine just need to live with him for a little while before she can go and live on her own. But when the time had come for her to leave, they will come and get her too.


6. The Club Suprise

      "You done this before. There's no need to be nervous, Ivy." The name echoed in my mind. When Mia first talk to me, I told her my name is Ivy. It was my first time here so I was scared. After talking to her, I became more confidence. The name Ivy got stuck with me. Not that I mind anyway. I took a deep breathe and place my bag in my locker. I putted on my black feathered mask as I took another deep breathe. 

      "Ivy." I whispered to myself. When I opened my eyes, the nervousness that I felt before was replaced by confidence. I stood there in my black three inch high heels with pearly white ankle bracelet on my left ankle. I'm wearing a black dress with a white sash tied on. To top it off, I had my favorite snowflake earrings that my mother gave me. 

   "How do you feel, Ivy?" Mia asked almost giddy in her dark blue dress decorated with a light blue rose on her hip. 

   "I feel like I'm reborn again." I replied smiling. "Ready?"

  "Ready." She said and we headed out together. 


   I stood near Mia as she went over and talk to a girl that I never met. Then, she pulled me over. "This is Ivy." Mia introduces. "Ivy, this is Daisi." Daisi is a girl with brown hair and light blue eyes that seems to sparkle in the light. 

 "Hey, Ivy. I heard so much about you from Mia." Daisi said in her smooth voice. "Mia said that you are very talented in singing. I would love to hear you sing one day." I glanced at Mia and her hazel eyes urge me to communicate.

   "Thanks.  I'm not very good at singing. I'm sure you can sing better than me." 

   "Maybe we can sing together one day. What do you think?"

   "That would be great." Just then, the DJ cranked the music up. I glance over and saw Heath. He looked up and saw me. He smiled and crank the music up some more. 

   "Want to dance?" Mia asked. I took her hand and she led me to the dance floor where other girls are dancing. Mia started dancing slowly getting into the rhythm before showing her moves. I kind of walk side by side slowly before Mia pulled me to the center.

  "Relax!" Mia shouted over the music. I nodded but I still don't feel the confidence. 

  "Have some fun!" Mia shouted again. I smiled and I did. I was completely out of breathe when the music stopped. I laughed. I was totally having fun. I went back to where Daisi is sitting.

   "You were good." She said taking a sip of champagne. I asked for water and drank it in one gulp. "Thanks." I replied. I looked around and spotted Mia rushing towards me. She pulled me and led me across the room. "What?" I asked.

   "I want to introduce you to some people who I recently met. They are super cute. Especially the guy named Raven." I laugh because Mia almost never showed any interest in guys. The name Raven sounded familiar but I don't know how. She continue to led me to a table with four guys. She approached them with me behind her.

   "Guys, I want you to meet Ivy." They guys turned around to look at me and I froze. Mia said something but I completely tuned it out because in front of me was the last group of people I thought that I'll ever see. Now I know why the name Raven sounded so familiar. It's Alan and his group of friends.

    "Ivy?" Mia shook me. I readjust my eyes and look at her.

    "Yes?" Mia looked at me.

    "As I'm saying, this is Raven, Alan, Christian and Hunter." Raven had black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a black T-shirt with faded ripped jeans. I totally know why Mia would fall for him. Alan had on a black leather jacket with a white T-shirt. he was also wearing jeans except that it's dark blue. Christian had on a white T-shirt with a jacket that's half zipped. He had on black pants. Hunter's had on a white T-shirt with the word badboy on it. He also had ripped jeans on. I looked in their eyes to see if they recognize me but they don't seem to recognize me. I decided to play it save and act as un-Jasmine as I can. 

    "Hey!" I said to them. "I see that you know Mia. She's very nice isn't she?" I took a seat next to Mia. Raven was the one who answered,"Ya, she is." I saw Mia blushed but the guys didn't seem to notice. 

    "Have we met before?" Alan suddenly asked. My heart stopped but I quickly said,"Have we?" I smiled. Alan drop the subject as the guys started talking about basketball. I waited for 20 minutes before pulling Mia away and excusing us from the group. 

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