Living Together With You

Jasmine's dad died recently and she's moving in with her mother's best friend, Mrs. Lotte. They have a son who is two month older than her named Alan. Alan hates Jasmine and he didn't bother to hide that. Jasmine just need to live with him for a little while before she can go and live on her own. But when the time had come for her to leave, they will come and get her too.


1. Moving

      I stopped in front of the gates and hold in my breath. I'm about to move out. I turn around and look at the house that I grew up in. My dad died last week and the funeral was two days ago. None of my dad's family came to the funeral. Not that I know any of them anyway. My parent never talk about them. I never bother to ask either. My mom died last month and none of her family show up either. I never really think about it but I do wonder why. On my father's will, it's written that I'll inherit something in a safe when I'm 18. That's also when my father's money in the bank will transfer to mine. Until then, I'll be living with Helen Lotte, my mother's best friend from college. 

      I'm 17 now. In 10 month and 17 days, I'll be 18. I'll be an adult and ready to go to college. Until then, I have to live with  Mrs. Lotte. She came yesterday and told me that they are ready for me. We talked a little. She seem like a nice person. She told me stories about my mother and how she fell for my father. Before she left yesterday, she told me that I resembled my mother a lot. I forced a smile. I knew that she was just being kind. I don't resemble my mother that much. Mother had fair skin, long scarlet hair that she always let loose at home. She had dark brown eyes and a full lip. When she walk, it seem as if she was floating. The only things that I inherit from her was the fair skin and the scarlet hair. I look more like my father. Father had hazel eyes that sometimes look blue when he's happy. After Mother died, his eyes are constantly grey. He had brown hair and broad shoulders. He was more out-going than my mother and laugh more than her too. Mother told me that he was the only person that could cheer her up when she was upset. Then, she would add, "Besides you of course." That last line always made me laugh and hug her.

      When I came home last week, I found my father laying on the floor in his bedroom. I immediately called an ambulance but it was too late. They told me that he died of heart attack. They told me that losing my mother was too much for him and suddenly he had a heart attack. I knew they were lying. I don't know how but I knew that they were lying to me. My father committed suicide. Losing  mother was too much for him so he created suicide. I wished that he didn't do that. After the funeral, I vowed that I wouldn't end up like him. Suicide is not the way out. 

      "Bye," I whispered and I turn around and walk towards the car that's waiting for me. As I close the door, the car headed to my new life.

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