Living Together With You

Jasmine's dad died recently and she's moving in with her mother's best friend, Mrs. Lotte. They have a son who is two month older than her named Alan. Alan hates Jasmine and he didn't bother to hide that. Jasmine just need to live with him for a little while before she can go and live on her own. But when the time had come for her to leave, they will come and get her too.


7. 'Home'

     I finally got home. I was wishing that Alan had went to sleep or something but he was in the living room waiting for me. I pretend to ignore him and started to walk upstair. 

    "Where were you?" Alan asked. I pause and turn around.

   "The mall. Can't you tell?" I hold up the bags that I was carrying. I was exhausted. Mia was true to her word. We bought like the whole mall. I only had half of the clothing we bought. Mia had the rest stash away in her closet. It will stay there until I can find a way to bring it 'home' and hide it without Mrs. and Mr. Lotte and Alan finding out.

     I was tired but I had fun. Mia and I decided to meet up again at Heath's birthday which is in three days which is a Saturday. Heath's a rich boy so he had a lot of spare time since his future is basically planned out for him. He seem like a playboy but he's not. He's very nice and one of the few friends that I consider as my best friend. I also bought him a gift. Which is another reason why I was tired. I went around the mall four times to find the perfect gift for him.

     I turn around and took another step up. Then, Alan asked,"Are you sure you weren't at a club today?" I turn around. I was prepare for this question.

    I put on my best "you're very annoying" face as I said," I just had a very fun time with my best friend at the mall. Then, we had dinner together. Why do you care? You pretended that I don't exist for a week now and why would I be at the club? Stop accusing me." I turn around and walk the rest way up to my room. I close my door and plop on my bed. I felt guilty but I can't let him know that side of me. I pull out my phone and texted Mia:

        I survived. thx for 2day. i had fun

I close my phone and let sleep take over. 

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