Living Together With You

Jasmine's dad died recently and she's moving in with her mother's best friend, Mrs. Lotte. They have a son who is two month older than her named Alan. Alan hates Jasmine and he didn't bother to hide that. Jasmine just need to live with him for a little while before she can go and live on her own. But when the time had come for her to leave, they will come and get her too.


4. Communicating with CoolSurfer_1

      Today was a rough day. I got home and just fell on to my bed. I slowly pull myself up and open my computer. I know exactly the person who can cheer me up. If he's on that is. When I went on, he's already sent me a message.

[CoolSurfer_1] hey. u on?

I was really happy that he's on. After all, I'm worn from school today and I needed somebody to talk to. 

[SkyDancer_16] I'm on. what's up?

[CoolSurfer_1] nothing much. how's school today?

[SkyDancer_16] it's awful. there was a rumor about me going on at school today. all the girls hates me now and some boys even laugh at me!!!

[CoolSurfer_1] what did u do 2 deserve this? who are the people who's laughing at u. I'll punch them for u.

[SkyDancer_16] lol. no thanks. I really don't want u 2 get involved. I can handle it by myself. thanks anyway. ur sweet

[CoolSurfer_1] aw~. I take that as a compliment. thanks. I wouldn't beat them up anyway. u know how strict my parents r. 

[SkyDancer_16] they can't be that bad. I mean ur lucky that ur parent r there to care 4 u. they r strict because they love u.

[CoolSurfer_1] I get it. u r starting to sound like my grandparents. ^_^

[SkyDancer_16] r u calling me old!!! that's offensive 

[CoolSurfer_1] sorry.

[SkyDancer_16] I was just joking. ;)

[CoolSurfer_1] u r sneaky. anyway, what level r u?

      I didn't tell him the whole truth because although he's the only person that I can rely on, he's still a stranger to me. I don't know who he really is so I still had to restrict myself from telling him too much. One thing that we can tell each other is a game we played called Hollow Ground. It's a very fun game.

[SkyDancer_16] I'm level 42 already. I can't beat the boss!!! so frustrated.

[CoolSurfer_1] I'm level 45 already. I beat u!!! yay!!! I think this calls 4 a celebration.

[SkyDancer_16] lol

Just when I finish typing that, I remember about all the homework the teacher gave us. As much as it pained me, I typed:

[SkyDancer_16] ttyl. i have homework.

[CoolSurfer_1] ok. I have homework too. ttyl.

After he log off, I logged off. I smile and sigh. I wish he was in this school with me. We been talking a lot but I haven't got the courage to ask him where he goes to school. I open my backpack and start to do homework.

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