Love until the end

Nico di angelo loved her from first sight. She was Penny Jackson the Daughter of Poseidon and Percy Jackson's twin sister. She was the older twin by seventy years. (yeah I said seventy years) Penny's mom had labored with Percy for seventy years how is she not dead? The Lotus Hotel and Casino.


1. The decision

Penny's P.O.V.

I laid wide awake as Percy and Tyson snored as loud as could be I was trying to decide which boy I wanted to marry two boys had stepped up to be my suitors Nico di Angelo and Leo valdez I have to pick one by morning because the wedding would then be the day after tomorrow. I finally made my decision and got up and grabbed a sweatshirt and sweatpants to keep warm on my walk to a certain somebodys cabin... When I arrived at my destination, the Hades cabin I knocked knowing that Nico would be wide awake right now and the door opened for me because Nico opened it for me and went and flopped back into bed muttering greek curses into his pillow. I closed the door and without saying a word sat down on the floor and fell asleep sitting up to Nico cursing into his pillow about nightmares.

The next morning I was shaken awake by Nico and he got slapped. I was on the floor still but with a blanket on me I guessed Nico put on me in the night I probably was shivering as I slept dreaming about Tartarus because I had fell into the pit also. "Get up Penny." 


" Now."


" Penny we are going to be late."

" You are going to be the one thats late Nico not me."

" Good point."

"thanks now leave me alone."

"fine" Thats when he left to go get ready and I got up and was ready in an instant when he was ready he found me leaning up against a wall waiting for him.

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