Come to Hogwarts

Hey guys if you love Harry Potter than I bet you will love this. Its the story of Harry Potter with new characters. Read the first chapter to get more information about being in it.


1. Information

Hey guys I once read a story like this but they stopped writing it so I decided to make one slightly like it. It is like harry potter just with different characters. If you would like to be in it please comment the following about your character


what house they would be in or lead

what they teach (teachers only)


appearance (eyes,hair)

parents and siblings(only if applies)


a back story

pure-blood, half-blood, muggle born


You may add any extra information. I will need the following character

I main character

1 enemy

1 villian 


2 enemy followers

5- 6 teachers

I headmaster

2 best friends

5 ranvenclaws

5 hufflepuffs

5 slytherins

10 gryffindors

I will most likely need more characters everyone should comment a character. Also please tell me if you think I missed anything. 




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