His Dad's My Kidnapper

I strain to get free from the grip of the ropes holding me hostage.

"You won't get away with this!" I scream into the darkness.
"Oh trust me I already have"

Some people aren't who they seem to be. Trust no one.

* I don't know who made the cover but whoever did it I give you credit*


9. Chapter 9~ Kiss me

Lauren's P.O.V

"You might want to go back to the attic, Desmond will be here soon" Harry sighs and I nod, getting up from my comfortable space on the couch and head to the attic.

"Do you still want me to sleep with you?" Harry asks concerned and I nod, I'm definitely not ready to sleep on my own just yet.

"Ok let me get my pjs and I'll see you there yeah?"

I nod and head up stairs and to my limited pile of clothes, I pick up each item and cringe. They haven't been washed and I don't want to wear dirty clothes.

"You ready for bed?" Harry asks and I jump in suprise.

"Not exactly" I say biting my cheek and he gives a quizzical look.

"What's wrong?"

"Um I don't have anymore clean clothes" I whisper, I probably sound so dumb right now, but it's one of my pet peeves. I can't wear dirty clothes.

"Oh here" Harry says removing his shirt and hands it over to me. "I like sleeping shirtless anyways"

I scan my eyes over his body and start blushing.

He's so damn good looking.

"Thanks" I say as I make my way towards my bed and lay down.

I feel a weight next to me signaling that he has gotten into bed. He pulls me to his chest and I feel goosebumps rise from my skin.

"I had fun today" Harry surprises me by saying and I smile.

"I did too Harry"

"Haven't had this much fun in a while" he says and I turn around and face him.

"Why? You're young you should be going out to parties and what nots" I say seriously. You're only young once.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just not the party type" he says shrugging.

"Oh please, I'd take you for those guys who'd drink the night away and just have a good time" I say honestly and he shakes his head.

"That was me a long time ago, but then I met a girl and she was special so I stopped"

"Was she the girl you lost your virginity to?"I ask quietly and he shakes his head.

"No it was some random ass girl. But I did take her virginity" he says smiling like it was the best moment of his life.

I envy her.

"Oh" I say nodding my head and he smirks.

"Is someone a little jealous?" He asks in a mocking tone and I scoff.

"Yeah no. I just said 'oh' what else am I suppose to say?" I say laughing.

But what I really wanted to say was ' of course I am. You expect me to be stuck in this house with you and your good looking ass and caring personality and not have feelings for you!?' But of course me being me I obviously wouldn't say those things.

"I don't know, you just seemed like it" he says shrugging.

"Who was the girl? Like what was her name?"

"Um well her name was Olivia and I was so madly and deeply in love with her, but life happens and yeah"

"And yeah?"

"Look she's gone. Can we just drop it!?" Harry says frustrated and I nod and whisper a little 'sorry'.

Harry sighs and I shift uncomfortably. Why did I have to open my big mouth, if I didn't say anything then we would of been asleep by now.

"Lauren I'm sorry I'm just- it's a hard topic to talk about" he says honestly and my heart breaks for him.

"It's ok Harry, if you need me I'm here, it's not like I'm going anywhere... Literally" I say trying to make a joke and he chuckles.

"That was awful, how could you even joke about that?" He asks quizzically and I sigh.

"Sometimes you just have to, you know?" I say and he lifts my chin to look him in the eyes.

"How are you so brave?" He whispers and I get goosebumps.

What is this boy doing to me?

"Well it helps when you're here to protect me"

Harry doesn't say anything for a moment, he just looks at me. He looks like he wants to say something but can't, or won't.

"You're so beautiful Lauren" Harry breaths and my breathing starts to get heavy.

All I want is for him to kiss me. I want to feel his pink full lips on mine.

"Kiss me" I breath and his breathing hitches.


"Please just-"

Before I could finish my sentence he kisses me. Our lips move in sync and the butterflies erupt in my stomach. He kisses me so tenderly and yet so forcefully at the same time.

Harry pulls away from the kiss leaving me wanting more and gets out of the bed.

"Harry I-"

"Lauren just-" Harry sighs and runs his hand through his hair " I'll see you in the morning, I'm going to sleep in my room" he says before walking out and leaving me heart broken.

If he didn't want to kiss me he should've said so, I would've understood. But this I can't.

You kiss me and then just walk away? Like it was nothing. Well news flash Harry it meant something to me, more then you'll ever know.

I thought he'd feel the same, and now I know he doesn't. And that's the worst feeling in the world.


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