His Dad's My Kidnapper

I strain to get free from the grip of the ropes holding me hostage.

"You won't get away with this!" I scream into the darkness.
"Oh trust me I already have"

Some people aren't who they seem to be. Trust no one.

* I don't know who made the cover but whoever did it I give you credit*


8. Chapter 8~ True Feelings

Harry's P.O.V

* 2 weeks later*

It's been a little over two weeks and there has been news coverage almost every hour talking about Lauren. I mean that's what happens when your dad's a successful CEO. After what happened two weeks ago, Lauren refuses to shower on her own so I've been standing guard.

I hear the shower shut off and proceed to knock on the door.

"Almost done?"

"Yes, give me a minute" she says lowly and I nod even though she can't see me.

Lauren makes me sleep with her every night, I don't mind actually, it's nice having someone to hold at night. Desmond hasn't really been home these past few days, just for breakfast and then he leaves until the early a.ms.

I feel the door being opened and I step to the side to face Lauren. Her beautiful wavy hair is damp and falls flat on her head as she cautiously steps out into the hallway and darts her eyes from left to right.

"Lauren he isn't going to hurt you, I promise. Besides he isn't even here right now" I say trying to calm her nerves and she nods slowly, relaxing a little bit.

"I'm sorry, I'm just scared. What if you're not here and he actually does something to hurt me?" She asks fear in her voice, it breaks my heart knowing this beautiful angel has to go through this and there is nothing I can do about it.

"Where am I going to go? My dad pays for everything and I take online classes" I say and she nods.


"No buts, you'll be fine. Now let's go up to your room"

"I hate it there, I want to actually do something for once Harry" she says quietly pleading and I sigh.

"Okay do you want to go watch a movie in the living room?" I ask and she nods.

We walk towards the living room and she sits on the couch while I look through DVDs. I've been under strict order to not let Lauren watch any news broadcasting channels since she's all over them.

"Okay we have... 21 jump street, get hard, hangover, and ted" I say looking at the limited DVDs. We should really get more.

She scrunches her nose in distaste and I laugh.

"What's so funny?" She asks slightly laughing herself.

"Nothing, it just seems like you don't like these movies" she nods at my statement and I sigh.

"Well they're all we have so, choose"

"Okay..... 21 jump street?" She says and I laugh putting it into the DVD player. She's so cute. I shake my mind away from the thought, I shouldn't be feeling this way.

I can't.

Besides, she'd never love someone as fucked up as me. She deserves someone who'd treat her right, not someone who'd go along with their fathers sick and twisted kidnapping scheme.

I am and will always be a screw up and I'm afraid if I let her in, one day she'll realize it too.

Lauren's P.O.V

Harry puts the DVD in and takes on the couch next to me, making sure he's keeping his distance.

"Are you okay?" I ask quietly looking at him.

"Yeah, let's just watch the movie" he whispers and I nod not wanting to push him.


An hour into the movie and I'm not interested at all. Harry on the other hand has not been able to stop laughing for some time.

"How can you find this so amusing?" I ask rolling my eyes at the terrible comedic puns.

"What you don't find this amusing?" Harry asks raising an eyebrow with a smirk plastered on his face.

"Not at all actually"

"Okay well what's your favorite movie?" He asks lowering the volume of the tv as he turns to face me.

It takes me a moment to think of my answer.

" The Vow" I say a smile spreading across my face, it doesn't even take Harry a second before he starts hysterically laughing.

"You like that crap?" He asks in between laughing fits and I cross my arms pretending to be upset.

"And what's so funny about that?" I ask and he immediately stops.

"I didn't mean it like that, I'm sure it's an..... interesting movie" he says trying not to smile.

"I love romance movies, they're beautifully scripted"

"Didn't the girl like get into an accident or some shit?"

"It's a beautiful tragedy Harry" I say defending my favorite movie.

"Yeah, yeah well it's unrealistic" he says rolling his eyes, a playful smile forming on his lips.

"It's based on a true story!" I yell and he laughs uncontrollably. "Oh I see what you're trying to do Harold!" I say laughing as I smack him with a pillow.

"Oh yeah and what is that?" He asks smirking.

"You're trying to get a reaction out of me" I say as if I've solved a crime case.

"Maybe...." He says hitting me back.

A pillow fight breaks out and I end up running into the kitchen and duck behind the counter.

"Lauren come out, come out wherever you are!" Harry yells and I giggle into my hand.

I feel someone grab my waist to pull me off of the floor and I gasp in surprise.

" Let go!" I yell laughing as he throws me over his broad shoulders. "Harry!" I say hitting his back like a little kid throwing a tantrum.

Harry sets me down on the couch before getting on top of me. I blush at our positioning and Harry looks at me quizzically.

"Why are you blushing?"

"The position is weird" I say quietly and he laughs.

"Has a guy never been on top of you?" He asks and my eyes widen as I blush shaking my head.

"So that means you've never had-" I quickly cover his mouth before he can say anything further and he licks my hand as I pull back in disgust.

"Ew! Harry!" I yell groaning in annoyance.

"So you're a virgin?" Harry asks and I cover my ears.

"I thought me covering your mouth was a sign saying I don't want to talk about it" I say and he laughs taking my hands away from my ears.

"Just tell me and I'll leave you alone" he says and I sigh before answering.

"Yes Harry, I'm a virgin" I say and he nods before getting off of me.

There is a moment of silence before I decide to speak up.

"So are you?"

"Am I what?" Harry asks dumbly and I roll my eyes.

"You know... A virgin?" I ask blushing and he shakes his head.

"Nope. Lost it a while ago" he says and I feel my stomach drop.

I don't know why but I feel some sort of jealousy towards that girl. I mean she got to touch him like no one else could and took away something so valuable from him. I envy her.

"Oh" Is all I manage to say and he looks thoughtful for a moment before it quickly disappears.

That was odd.

"Yeah but she wasn't like someone special, I was drunk and it just happened" he says and I feel some sort of relief wash over me.

I know I shouldn't be feeling this way, for obvious reasons, but I can't help it. He makes me feel like I'm not being held against my will, like I want to be here. If that makes any sense at all.

He's something special, like there's no one else like him in the world. And if I let him in then that'll be it and I'll be damned. But I rather be damned then not have him at all.

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