His Dad's My Kidnapper

I strain to get free from the grip of the ropes holding me hostage.

"You won't get away with this!" I scream into the darkness.
"Oh trust me I already have"

Some people aren't who they seem to be. Trust no one.

* I don't know who made the cover but whoever did it I give you credit*


6. Chapter 6~ The Notebook

Harry's P.O.V

I walk into my room after leaving Lauren in the attic for the night. This is a fucking mess, what am I suppose to do? I couldn't bring myself to call the cops and I'm sure as fucking hell not going to call my mum and tell her about this. No matter how much I hate my father for leaving me at such an early age I couldn't do that to him. I walk over to my desk and find my notebook laying on the floor. What hell? Who would touch it? I pick up the book and place it on my desk.

Who was the last person in my room? I sat there thinking about it for a minute and then I remembered, I left Lauren here alone.

I slam my notebook on my desk out of frustration and run my hands through my hair. Why would she fucking do that?! I start to pace the room, has she read the latest entry? No she couldn't have, I was only downstairs for like five minutes.

"Harry!" Desmond calls from outside my door.

"What!?" I yell frustrated.

"I'm going to go buy stuff for Lauren, Don't let her leave the attic, do you understand me." He says sternly and I sigh


"Good and if she try's something..the gun's in the cabinet, don't shoot her but scare her. We need her alive." He says and it gives me chills. This man has no remorse.

"Alright.." I say and I hear fading footsteps. "Fuck!" I yell and punch the wall. No dent in the wall, but my fucking hand is bleeding.. Great.

I decide to go to the attic to check on Lauren, I need to ask her a few questions.

I open the door and find her facing the wall. Her hair is tangled up and she's hunched over, god she looks awful, but oddly beautiful at the same time.

"Hey" I say softly and she turns around, she gives me a small smile.

"Hi" she whispers.

"How are you.. You know feeling?"

She chuckles dryly "I'm just peachy Harry.. You know getting taken away from your family is just so damn fun."

I don't know what to say, I kind of shift uncomfortably and scratch my neck.

"I'm sorry.. I-I didn't.." Before I can continue she cuts me off.

"it's not your fault, it's your fathers" she says shrugging " I don't support you helping your father do this to me.. But he's your father, and family comes first no matter what."

" Can I ask you something?" I ask and she nods. "Did you read my notebook?"

She's silent for a moment before she nods. I start to pace around the room before I ask another question.

"How much did you read?"

" I didn't really read it.. More like skimmed." She says.

"What do you know?" I ask and she gets up walking towards me.

" I know that you're hurting, I know that you fight to get your anger and frustration out, I know that you love your dad and that all you want is love in return, and I also know that your just a lost boy who needs guidance and love.." She says grabbing my hand.

"Ow" I say when she presses on my cuts.

"How did you get those?" She asks running her fingers over my cuts and I hiss in pain.

" I kind of lost my cool earlier.." I say scratching my neck, she nods understandingly.

"Here let me help you get cleaned up" she offers and I nod, we head towards the bathroom in the attic and I sit on the counter.

She starts to clean and bandage me up with the first aid kit, and the whole time I'm just staring at her. How can this girl be so understanding towards me when my father has kidnapped her? How can she still want to look at me knowing that I'm helping my father?

"Why are you doing this?" I ask out of the blue.

She gives me a confused look, "Doing what?"

"Helping me, I've done nothing to help you so why help me?"

"That's not true Harry."

"Oh yeah, give me one thing I've done to help you"

She puts the first aid kit back before looking back at me.


"What?" I ask confused. "How?"

"You've done nothing but try your best to help me get comfortable in this horrible situation and I can't thank you enough. You may be helping your father but you're also helping me as well, you just didn't realize it." She says and I look at her with so much admiration.

She's a strong girl, she will help others no matter what and that's what I admire about her.

"You're an angel" I whisper to myself but I guess she heard because she shakes her head.

"I just want to help out."

I don't know what it is about this girl, but I feel like I've known her for years. She knows a little bit about my dark life and maybe one day she'll know the whole thing.

Only time will tell.


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