Deathly Life

“It is all your fault Izra.” A voice whispered in my ear.
Shut up I thought. The voices was back. They haven’t been around since I was a little girl.
“Did you forget about me?” It asked me with its voice. It reminded me of a dozen snakes and the noise that they make. It sounded like that mixed with the devil’s voice. It was a terrifying sound that still haunts my dreams.
What are you doing here?

“Marie are you okay?” I heard someone yell as the police just run down the stairs. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Memories of my past was coming up by looking at this poor naked boy, who reminded me of myself when I was kidnapped. But then everything went black.


4. Chapter Three: Marie

I showed up at the house with my new victim. It felt weird to know that I wasn’t going to be working with Izra on this case. The house wasn’t as nice as the last one. This one had dead grass, an ugly one story grey house that looked like mold was growing all over it. Not only that but a fence that was once a nice metal fence, or at least I guess, was now all rusty and ugly. There was also dead plants all over the yard with plenty of flower beds that was now just mud and dirt. This place was one hundred percent the worst place I have ever seen.

As Star, Felicia, and I walked in, the first thing I saw was three little kids. Two boys and one girl.  Then, I saw our victim. He had been stabbed multiple times, my guess is at least six, had a cut make on his forehead and neck, and to finish everything off he had parts of a cloths hanger cut apart and stuck all over him. I then realized the exact location of all of the cloths hanger bits was placed by are arteries and sensitive organ that if they don’t work, we die.  There was blood everywhere and this place was a huge mess. But on the positive side it was obvious the guy died from the stab wounds, so his death wasn’t too painful.

            “So who is are victim and who are the kids and why are they her?” I asked as seriously as I can.

            “The victim is John Mitchie and those are his kids. The oldest is Lisa, the girl, the Luke, who is Lisa’s twin and the tallest out of the two boys, and Mikey is the youngest at age five. The twins are eight and mom died at childbirth five years ago.” A police officer said. Felicia got down on her knees by the body to start looking at it, as I looked around the house.

            So this was the man who was running for Senator last year. I can see why he didn’t win. With a house like this, he must have gotten no votes. Not saying that his speeches where even that good last year. They were all terrible.  His idea was that we got rid of some of the police force and detectives since apparently we don’t do any crap for this city. Like what is wrong with you dude. But now it is funny that the very guy that wanted me, basically, to have no job and now he was dead.

            “Hello, I’m part of the Social Service that takes orphaned children and find them new homes. I’m here for the three children.” A lady walked in. I usually am fairly nice, including to people I don’t know, but this women looked terrible. She had make-up caked on her face that almost reminded me of the rich people from the Capitol in Hunger Games, and had long, obviously died, bleached blonde hair. She was wearing a top way too low that made me think of her as more of a hooker then a social service person. I wonder if they know what she is wearing.

            “Hi. I’m Anton, I’m here to help get the kids since this is what I want to be and I hope I can be soon.” A young boy said that walked around the older woman. He had dark brown hair, almost black, with beautiful grey eyes. He was very much on the pale and extremely skinny side which made him look smaller in his cloths. He was wearing a black shirt and a pair of black jeans that look like skinny jeans.

            “They are in the other room. I’ll go get them for you.” I told them both walking towards the living room where the children where. As I was walking towards them, I felt terrible for them. They were in the house when their own father was murdered. When I got to them, I saw something I didn’t expect to see. While the older two was wearing nice clothes and hair was nicely done, Mikey, the five year old, had long hair almost to his butt and his clothing where way too big and torn a little bit. Then all three of them had bruises and scars all over them.

            “Hey guys, my name is Anya and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me so I can ask you some questions and so that we can find you an amazing new mommy and daddy.” I, well Anya, said. I should have known Anya would come out know that children was involved.

            “You won’t hurt Mikey,” the little girl, Lisa, asked.

            “No! You’ll hurt Mikey like daddy did!” Luke, the older of the two boys, screamed and jumping in front of him at the same time. I looked at him with shock all over my face.

            “What do you mean?” I asked him sweetly.

            “Won’t you hit and cut Mikey like what our daddy did? That is how all daddies and mommies act, right?” Luke asked me with concern written all on his little face. I looked over at Mikey and now that I was closer I saw what he meant and gasped.

            All over him was dark purple and blue bruising. His light brown hair was tangled and in little knots. It would probably be longer if his hair was brushed out and maybe past his butt and on by the back of his knees. His big grey eyes where almost not noticed be the dark purple bruising all around his eyes. He could have been easily mistaken for a little girl by anyone who saw him. A fragile little princess, would be what everyone would be thinking, not a fragile little prince.

            “No, they don’t,” I told them, holding back some tears. I wouldn’t cry in front of these children.

            “Marie, Felicia got some information you might want.” Star told me. When she saw how I looked she walked over to me and the children. I heard her gasp the moment she was behind me.

            “I’ll take care of them and find information about them.” Star whispered to me. I looked over at her in shock. Star is always so terrified to talk to anyone and now she wants to talk to them.

            “I’m positive, just go to Felicia and I’ll deal with the kids.” Star said. I watched as she bent down and talked to them. As I was walking away I heard her stutter and I could hear the nerves in her voice come up. Usually I would go back and talk to her and save her from having a panic attack, but maybe it is time that Star gets better at her antisocial disorder and fights past it.

            “So, what’s up Felicia?” I asked her when I got over to her.

            “So the victim was killed be the hanger bits in his body and probably was bleeding out before. The slit on his throat wasn’t any part of the death and was more likely done afterwards. More likely as a sign for something but I could be wrong since that is your job to figure out but I don’t know. And are you tired or hungry ‘cuz I am and-“ Felicia was stating before I cut her off.

            “Did you remember to take your medicine today?” I asked her. I could tell she didn’t by how she was moving her hands like a mad man and talking insanely fast. So I grabbed her bag and dug out her meds while she was talking and pouring out the correct dosage she needs.

            “No. But is it really that obvious because there is no way you can tell that easily.” She told me. It still shocks me that she couldn’t tell that it was one hundred percent obvious when she decided to skip her medicine like today. So I handed them to her and a water bottle to drink. She took the medicine but I knew it would take a bit until they kicked in.

            “Why don’t you pack up the body and I’ll start looking for any evidence that could help us. And you should be going since you have two bodies to look at this time. Oh, and take Star with you.” I told her as I was walking away.

            I heard her run to go find Star and told the men to pack up the body and put it in the truck to go. My goal was to find the murder weapon or the knife at least since the murder weapon was in our victim’s body. That’s when I heard it. I ran to the kitchen hoping that my worst nightmare wouldn’t come true. When I got in there I saw the police men working at putting everything in place but the noise grew louder and I knew my worst fear was true.

“Was the dishwasher running when you got here?” I asked the men in the kitchen.

            “Yeah, we didn’t see why we had to stop it. Why?” One of them told me.

            “You idiots.” I yelled as I ran to the dishwasher only to see every detective’s worst nightmares. There was only one knife in the dishwasher. And the darn thing was shiny clean with nothing else on it but a little bit of bubbles.

            Well this case just got interesting. 

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