Deathly Life

“It is all your fault Izra.” A voice whispered in my ear.
Shut up I thought. The voices was back. They haven’t been around since I was a little girl.
“Did you forget about me?” It asked me with its voice. It reminded me of a dozen snakes and the noise that they make. It sounded like that mixed with the devil’s voice. It was a terrifying sound that still haunts my dreams.
What are you doing here?

“Marie are you okay?” I heard someone yell as the police just run down the stairs. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Memories of my past was coming up by looking at this poor naked boy, who reminded me of myself when I was kidnapped. But then everything went black.


11. Chapter Ten: Marie

    “Okay what’s happening?” I asked as soon as I walked in. I looked around and saw Star, Felicia, and some other girl walking in and heading towards the body. Well, all except Star, she walked around looking at the house.
    “It was a couple this time Marie.” Felicia told me sadly. I knew she hated to see both of the parents dead. It reminded her of how her foster parents where. They were cruel and heartless, they also tried to kill everyone they ever adopted as a family. It was all because their oldest son was going to be arrested, so the only logical explanation that her foster parents thought was to drive into an ocean nearby and do a family suicide. Only her two older brothers survived. One went to jail, while the other went to the foster care with her. They were sadly separated after Felicia was adopted and he wasn’t. The only thing we know about him was that he ran away two years after Felicia was adopted. See why she hates seeing both parents’ died, including since she loved her older brother that ran away.
    “How where they killed?” I asked her. As I looked at the body could just tell it was the same person who killed my last victim. 
    “On the plus side there is no hanger pieces in him this time.” Felicia told me with a shrug.
    “How many times was he stabbed?” I asked, not caring at all about the victim not having any hanger pieces. While, deep inside, I was happy that my victim has less pieces in him this time. But, just like last time, he had around eleven stab wounds and two deep cuts, one on his neck and the other on his forehead. Wow, today we got slightly lucky with this victim. But the blood on our victim was all over the floor and there was a lot on Felicia by just touching both of them. 
    The woman was probably a very beautiful young woman. She had long, down to her butt I’m guessing, hair with grey blue eyes that was opened in shock, and showed her expression of fear written all in them. Her husband was very, what was the word? Oh yeah, buff. He had black hair with the same eye color as his wife, or at least I’m guessing. 
    “Marie, we have something that you might want to see.” One of the police men, whose name is Lukas, called for me. Worry and a little bit of fear was written all over his face. I ran towards him and pushed some people out of my way to see what was so important. When I got closer, I noticed that he was holding a door open, more specifically a closet door. I gasped when I saw what was inside. In there was a little boy, probably around the age of six or seven, with just pure grey eyes and light brown hair that was all ratted in a mess. His hair also was long, it was probably mid-back. If it wasn’t for the fact that the only thing that was covering him was a blanket, but that was mostly covering a little bundle that he was holding close to him, I wouldn’t ever be able tell that he was a boy. 
    “Hi, my name is Marie. Can you tell me what you are holding?” I asked him gently. I didn’t want to scare the poor kid away already. He was so small and frail, that I was afraid that just one touch would break him. He reminded me of a porcelain doll. What he did next really shocked me. Besides talking to me or telling me what he was holding, he just showed it to me. Inside of the bundle is what didn’t shock me. Inside was a little baby. I held out my arms to take her and told Lukas to find the kid some cloths, as I held the poor, innocent baby. 
    “Here are some cloths, Ma’am.” Lukas told me, as he handed me a way to big shirt for the little boy, but I don’t think that matters right now. 
    “Come here please. We are going to get you dressed.” I told the little boy as I handed the baby to Lukas. “Hold the baby, but stay here.” I finished off. The little boy came over to me and I slipped the shirt over his small and frail body. The shirt was so big on him, the bottom was all the way to his feet while the sleeves were like lost sleeve shirt that was extremely baggy. 
    “Now, hand me the baby back.” I ordered to Lukas, geez I sound like I’m being a jerk and that’s Izra’s job. Then I looked back to the little boy and asked him, “What is your name?” 
    “Justin and that is Mary.” He said with a shy voice and started to bit his afterwards. I just smiled and grabbed Mary back as Lukas handed me her. The baby girl was adorable, I was able to see some black hair coming in on her small, bald head and her eyes was a brilliant bright blue. I carefully pulled out my phone, I was still holding Marie, and dialed Anton’s number. I need him to take this kids with him.
    “Anton’s here.” I heard a tired voice say. I held back the urge to roll my eyes at him, It’s past noon, how is he still sleeping. 
    “Get here in five minutes. I am on Butternelle Street, the house number is 4672.” I snapped at him. Sometimes I love my job. I didn’t wait for a response as I hung on him, showing that I meant business. Sometimes I wonder if this job can get any better. 
    I was talking to Justin about how his parents treated him. And everything that might be helpful to solve this case. I still don’t understand about who and why my killer was killing abusive parents, but I know that Felicia will be happy about that.
    “I am here and is that a baby?” He asked me. I saw his eyes were exactly on the bundle that I was holding in my hands. 
    “Yep, now keep Justin entertained as I can get all of the information I need for this case.” I told him as I walked back towards Felicia. I looked around at everyone taking pictures at something that they might find useful and putting the annoying bright police tape up. 
    “What do you girls have so far?” I asked them. Felicia, Star, and the new girl all looked up towards me, seeing how all of them where on their knees. 
    “The victims was killed by the deep cut in the neck, then stabbed.” Star told me. I could just see the pity in her eyes. Star came from a nice family and always tried to see the good in people. 
    “Whoever is killing these people, aren’t stabbing for fun it looks like.” Felicia told me.
    “What do you mean?” I questioned farther. I wanted to know what the hell happened to this couple.
    “Remember that one case, when the girl was killing a whole bunch of men that was rapist. All because she wanted to make the man that raped her pay, but she needed some practice first.” Felicia started. I just nodded my head. I remember that case because Izra and I did our hardest to give her the least amount of time as possible, and we did. “Well, I think that whoever is killing these people is trying to get some practice in. I think we are dealing with a man who is killing to practice for someone else’s death.” Felicia finished with a grim look on her face.
    Sometimes I wonder why I can’t get a normal case without a crazy guy in the case.   


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