Deathly Life

“It is all your fault Izra.” A voice whispered in my ear.
Shut up I thought. The voices was back. They haven’t been around since I was a little girl.
“Did you forget about me?” It asked me with its voice. It reminded me of a dozen snakes and the noise that they make. It sounded like that mixed with the devil’s voice. It was a terrifying sound that still haunts my dreams.
What are you doing here?

“Marie are you okay?” I heard someone yell as the police just run down the stairs. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Memories of my past was coming up by looking at this poor naked boy, who reminded me of myself when I was kidnapped. But then everything went black.


12. Chapter Eleven: Marie

I just got back and I was already tired of this case. Who would want to kill someone so badly, that they would practice on people? I was too busy thinking that I didn’t notice someone walk up to me. “Marie, I have something that might help your case.” Jackson told me. I gave him a look that told me to get on with it. I just wanted to know something to help me out. This is when Izra is usually useful for coming up with a start. “So, this killer is killing for practice before he kills his or her real target. Something both of these families have is that the kids where abused.” Jackson told me. He also had that look like I was supposed to know where he was going with this, but I had no clue of what was going on nor did I have any ideas to where he was leading this. “So?” I asked him to finish. “We need to look up all the kids that was abused and one of them is our killer. But the suspect must be older than eighteen but they are probably younger than thirty too. After we get that, we need to look to see who was abused for a long time, I realized that our killer only kills people who have kids that are fairly young, so he more likely wants to save innocent kids from a long abusive past like he had. Now we have a good starting point and can you call Izra for me? I have some facts on her case too.” Jackson asked. I nodded as I pulled out my phone and called for her. Jackson’s idea did make though, like if someone was badly abused for most of their life they are going to want some revenge on them. Also, if it was for a long time, they are going to want to make sure the murder is perfect, and that it is painful and a long death. “Hey Jackson, add to that list, after you figure the other two out, whose parent just got out of jail.” I told him. This case might not be that hard. “Yes Marie.” I heard Izra say over the phone. “Jackson needs you in our office, now.” I ordered her to my best of abilities. I can’t order my friends around unless I really want to. Izra agreed and said that she was on her way up, but not before hanging up on me. I was sitting around, doing a bit of research myself. I was currently looking up recent cases of child abuse. Jason Baker- Neglected by his mother from age ten to thirteen. Macy Lee-Father sexually abused her while mother was away. Karen C.-Almost beaten to death by her parents. Lucy Seal-All typed of abuse, found almost dead on side of a street. Anton ?- Sexually and emotionally abused by gay older brother, neglected by mother, and physical by father. Also never went to school and abuse whole life. Birth through sixteen Mike Jax- Raped by both parents and body was sold (raped). These are just some recent finds about two months ago. All family members are in jail and some ages are unknown. I looked everything over once. These where all recent cases and by the looks of the website, these are all kids under age eighteen. So, I couldn’t use any of it to help solve my case, isn’t that just great? “What do you need to tell me Jackson?” Izra asked as she walked in. I could tell that she didn’t really care, that meant that she was tired or hungry. “So, there isn’t much that I can really add to your case that I figured out but the fact that the people are being found at the club and killed for what one of the seven deadly sins they are most like. But the main question is how is he picking the person who represents that sin the greatest? So I was thinking and realized that this person has to know them like the back of their hand.” Jackson said with a smile. I saw the light go off above Izra’s head as everything must have clicked into place. I didn’t know what it was but I didn’t care anyways. “It has to be someone who knows the body really well.” Izra said with a smile just like Jacksons, realizing what they were saying I gasped. “Yep and isn’t it just a coincidence that both of your victims go to Saint Luke Church.” Jackson said. I couldn’t hold back a gasp at the fact that someone who was Christian could do such a horrible thing. What has this world come too? “Perfect. Marie do you wanna come, I got some people I need to meet. And Jackson c’mon you have no choice.” Izra told us. I just laughed and said I would stay here as they both left to the church. And they last thing on my mind was, why would someone from a church, more likely Catholic, do such a thing?
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