Deathly Life

“It is all your fault Izra.” A voice whispered in my ear.
Shut up I thought. The voices was back. They haven’t been around since I was a little girl.
“Did you forget about me?” It asked me with its voice. It reminded me of a dozen snakes and the noise that they make. It sounded like that mixed with the devil’s voice. It was a terrifying sound that still haunts my dreams.
What are you doing here?

“Marie are you okay?” I heard someone yell as the police just run down the stairs. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Memories of my past was coming up by looking at this poor naked boy, who reminded me of myself when I was kidnapped. But then everything went black.


9. Chapter Eight: Marie

            I woke up this morning late. I was rushing to get my clothes for the day and get dress. Izra was too busy partying last night to call me this morning to make sure I woke up this morning, and now I am 30 minutes late then normally. And I have to get ready in about 20 minutes so that I can get there on time. At least I’m getting breakfast at IHop. Riiiing! My phone rang extremely loudly and annoying.

            “What?” I asked the other person on the other side of this call. I didn’t bother to check the caller id since I am so irritated right now.

            “Geez, you woke up on the other side of the bed today.” I heard Izra relied back to me.

            “I can’t believe that you forgot to call me and now decide to talk to me like nothing bad happened.” I questioned her. I can’t believe she could think she can now call me. I was extremely tired and not ready for work.

            “Sorry, I thought you can wake up without me needing to call you and I was out late, but I also found out something very interesting about my first victim.” She informed me. Okay, now I am interested.

            “What did you find out, and weren’t you on a date last night?” I questioned her. Like, how can she do her work and have a date at the same time.

            “The reason I agreed to the date was because one of the victims worked there, and my second victim is a reoccurring guest there known as Greedy Jay. The reasoning why he probably had greedy written all over his walls. Back to what I once was saying, little miss ‘perfect’ was a prostitute that had sex with some of the higher up men so she can get big bucks and she was a stripper.” Izra told me. I was shocked that everything bad that happened involved people from there.

            “You don’t think.” I started but I could almost see the smile in Izra’s voice.

            “Yeah, I think that my killer is using the club as a way to find out exactly who he wants to kill next.” Izra agreed with me. It made since that her killer was doing that. Whoever she was hunting wasn’t that much of a smart guy.

            “Sometimes I wish working together since we find things out quickly.” I told Izra. And I truly did. We honestly made a great team and worked our butts off for our job.

            “So, what do you got so far on your case?” Izra questioned me. I really didn’t have much. I’m going to be looking at more information about my guy later, and ask if Jackson can put phone records, contacts, where she spent her money, and the normal stuff we require to solve a case on my desk or email it to me.

            “Nothing yet, but I’m talking to my guys kids today at IHop. Any good suggestions of what should I get?” I asked her. Usually I go out for lunch if I need to question someone and go somewhere I can get shrimp, my favorite thing to eat. So, I usually don’t go out much for breakfast unless it’s Tim Horton’s for some amazing coffee and doughnut. And the last time I went to IHop was when I was a kid and refused to eat anything but chicken at restaurants, so I’m not really well known when it comes to great breakfast food places.

            “I love there waffles and strawberry crepes.” Izra said over the phone. I just sighed and said goodbye to her. By then it was about time that I should be at IHop, so I made it my goal to get there on time.    


            I got there a minute before 8:30 and hoped that I got there before Anton and the kids did. But sadly I didn’t. When I got inside I saw Anton inside already sitting down talking to the three munchkins and couldn’t wait to say hi and order. I just hope that they didn’t wait for me to get here before they ordered. One of the waitresses asked me how many but I just told her I was meeting someone and started to head over to where Anton was.

            “Sorry I’m late, I slept in a little.” I told them all. I heard someone laughing and I saw the youngest, I’m guessing he does look like he is, and I smiled at him. “Hi, my name is Marie and I was wondering if I can talk to you about your daddy?” I asked him with a kind smile on my face.

            “I Mikey.” The little boy, Mikey, said as he grabbed my hand and played with it like it was a brand new toy. “Are you Mikey’s new mama?” he asked me.

            I looked at him with shock clearly on my face. Why would he think that? My response was to glare at Anton he had to of told this kid that I might be adopting him.

            “Mikey no. I told you before we left that the Miss Marie is not going to be your mommy, so please stop asking.” Anton told the little boy, but I don’t think Mikey cared. In his little mind I was his mommy and it was going to stay that way.

            “It’s okay, but how come the others aren’t talking much?” I asked Anton. He just shrugged and was about to talk but someone spoke before he had the chance to.

            “Hello I am Sam and I’ll be your server today. Can I get you something to drink?” He asked. Sam looked like he was in his mid-20s and was growing a small beard. He had muddy brown hair with a pair of bright clear grey eyes. They almost reminded you of a gem. He was a very handsome man, but not my type at all.

            “The little boy would like Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate, the little girl would like a glass of Hot Apple Cider, the other boy would like Sprite, and I will have a glass of Strawberry Lemonade.” Anton told Sam. Then Sam looked at me and his eyes seemed to glimmer with joy and something else that I didn’t know.

            “And you ma’am?” Sam flirted but asked. I then realized that the other emotion was probably lust. Just great.

            “Dr. Pepper.” I responded back with a serious tone hoping that he would get that I am not interested. I don’t want to date a guy that works at IHop, so maybe if I pretend if Mikey is my son he won’t be interested.

            “So, what do you want Mikey?” I asked just as our flirt of a waiter turned around and start walking away. Sam stiffened after he walked away and heard me talking to Mikey.

            “I want dat mama.” He told me. Mikey was an adorable little boy. If it wasn’t for the fact that I worked with criminals and I didn’t want Mikey having to go through the loss of another parent. I looked down and smiled. It was a simple Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Pancakes. It was white chocolate chips in a pancake with Raspberries on top with whip cream to finish it off. I didn’t bother to look at the price because the smile on his face was amazing and so bright, I just couldn’t say no.

            ‘Can I have this Miss Marie?” The little girl wearing a very pretty sparkly princess dress said. I looked at it and couldn’t help but laugh. It was a normal thing a little kid would want. It was Two x Two x Two. It was very simple, it only had two regular buttermilk pancakes, with two eggs that can be made any way, and two pieces of bacon or sausage.

            “Can I have the Cinnamon Swirl French Toast?” Luke, the older brother, asked politely. I looked at Anton to see him looking at his menu. I just shook my head at his meal choice not really caring as long as they got something they would eat.

            “Here are your drinks. Are you ready to order yet?” Sam asked us politely. I looked up at him and noticed that his eyes weren’t on my. Thank God he isn’t interested in me anymore.

            “I will have the Chicken Fajita Omelet and would you guys like to order yourself?” Anton both replied to our waiter and asked the kids.

            “I want the Cinnamon Swirl Brich French Toast.” Luke ordered but laughed right after. Probably since he sounded really funny.

            “What does he want again?” Sam asked me. I can understand though. Luke can’t say Brioche right.

            “He wants the Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast.” I answered while I was still looking through my menu to see what I can get. I was really busy with the three little monsters to even look through my own menu.

            “I want the Two x Two x Two. But I want my eggs scrambled with sausage not yucky bacon.” Lisa informed our waiter. Sam laughed by how she said it out loud.

            “And you little man?” Sam asked Mikey, who was silent ever since Sam walked up to our table.

            “That.” Mikey said while pointing to Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Sam just smiled bigger as he wrote it down. Then it was my turn to order.

            “I want the chicken and waffles and I want Barbeque for my dipping sauce.” I told him. I would be lying if I wasn’t embarrass that I was ordering more of a lunch meal besides a normal breakfast one.

            “Okay, your food should be out soon.” Sam told us but not before shooting a charming smile towards Mikey and taking away our menus. Then he walked away. What was that idiot up too?

            “It was a dumb move to use Mikey to chase him away.” Anton told me. He must have saw my confused face, like how can it be a dumb move. “He is now going to try to impress Mikey to get to you.” Anton finished.

            “Well, I’ll scare him away, but right now how about we get to what we came here for.” I told them while looking around the table. Everyone just shook their head.

            “How did your dad treat you guys? And please be honest.” I asked Mikey, Luke, and Lisa. I looked at all of them and saw how Luke started to move closer to Mikey, like he wanted to protect him.

            “Daddy would hit and cut Mikey.” Lisa answered he once happy preppy voice gone.

            “Yeah, and you can’t hurt him.” Luke also said with a serious tone. He was trying to threaten me that is so cute.

            “No, I won’t hurt Mikey. I promise you.” I told them. Luke just continued to stare me down still trying to scare me.

            “Otay.” Mikey finally responded, but he was still holding on to my arm like it was his one and only lifeline.

            “Next question. Did you see who killed him?” I asked them. I was praying that they didn’t. I couldn’t imagine how it would feel like if I saw my dad killed.

            “Me saw his back!” Mikey, excitedly, yelled. I couldn’t help but yell by how he was so happy.

            “Lisa and I just saw his back, not his front, and we got there right before he left.” Luke answered again. I just shook my head, but I felt bad by what happened to these kids. They had such a miserable and terrible life.

            “Okay, is there anything that you knew about your dad that would make people want him dead?” I asked my final question. If these kids were adults and not kids I would ask them so much more questions, but they’re not.

            “No.” Lisa informed me. I just shook my head and saw Luke and Mikey also shake their head no.

            “Okay, so what are your guy’s favorite color in the whole wide world?” I asked them while moving my hands all around to make them laugh at it. And, of course, it worked.

            “I wike the color in your hair.” Mikey screamed, which got me some dirty looks from other people here, but I didn’t care at all. I just looked at my blonde hair with blue tips in it.

            “I have a friend who has almost the same color in my hair, but instead it is teal. But it’s not as cool as the blue.” I told them. Mikey just smiled at me and so did Anton.

            “I like pink, while Luke likes orange, which I think is an ugly color.” Lisa said. I laughed as Luke started to pout. I continued to ask them questions, about things that that they like. I laughed at their answers and then they started to ask me some questions. They were completely adorable. I didn’t think anything could affect my happy mood but of course I was wrong, because soon I got a phone call.

            “Detective Marie speaking.” I told the other side of the phone, as Mikey looked at me with a grave interest as he finished eating his food. But all good things come to an end.

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